Production without release agents
02 Mar 2015
The Infiana Group and Fraunhofer IFAM have agreed upon an exclusive cooperation for the production and marketing of FlexPlas release film.
02 Mar 2015
Latin American leader in peroxides, Polinox is part of the huge list of Brazilian companies with low (or none) expectations for 2015.
02 Mar 2015
Michelman will introduce an extensive line of proven industry solutions to the China market
Formax collaborates with Gold Coast Yachts to develop all-carbon B53 catamaran
02 Mar 2015
Custom carbon fibre fabrics developed by Formax enabled Gold Coast Yachts to achieve the challenging weight and engineering specifications for the B53 high-performance racer/cruiser.
Chairless Chair for improved ergonomics in Audi’s production plants
02 Mar 2015
The company is testing a carbon-fiber construction allows employees to sit without a chair, so this technology improves their posture and reduces the strain on their legs.
02 Mar 2015
The Bond Laminates GmbH, a subsidiary of specialty chemicals company Lanxess, has expanded its Tepex range of continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic high-performance composites to include halogen-free flame-retardant versions with a polycarbonate matrix.
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The Institute of Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University (IKV) was founded in 1950 and is one of the biggest institutes engaged in this field of research. The Institute has more than 300...
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Saitec is a formulator and a transformer of polyurethane foams and rigid phenolic foams.
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Riba Composites is one of the Italian leader in the design and manufacture of structural parts and components in advanced composite materials (carbon, glass, aramid fiber). Riba has been operating...
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Cedrem is a R&D center working on fast dynamic phenomena, explosion and multiphysics. Specializes in protection against various aggressions (ballistic shock, crash, blast, several impactors),...
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Founded in August 2008, Changzhou Topweaving New Material Tech Co., Ltd. is a creative technology company. They have several years’ experience in research and manufacturing, and work on new material...