21 Nov 2014
The North American distributor of specialty ingredients, chemicals and raw materials, announced the addition of Ron Adams and Robby White to its Composites and Fabrication Materials (CFM) sales team. 
American Process Inc's sub-microscopic cellulose from trees, known as nanocellul
20 Nov 2014
Materials scientists across industry, academia, and government have joined forces to replace heavy steel structures in cars with composites reinforced by ultra-strong, lightweight nanoparticles extracted from trees.
20 Nov 2014
The company and its subsidiary CAD Cut, industry providers in formatting prepreg composites for aerostructure fabrication, announce the expansion of Web’s Atlanta facility to include table-based automated prepreg cutting and ply kitting services.
Composite toilet module for the Riviera sleeper
20 Nov 2014
TRB Lightweight Structures have won the contract to supply their PRM-TSI universal access toilet module for the Riviera sleeper upgrade.
20 Nov 2014
Poissons ratio and other key performance indicators added to test procedures.
Light-weight foldable “Bud-e” electric urban scooter from Kleefer
19 Nov 2014
Solvay presents Kleefer’s Bud-e urban scooter with fairing parts in glass-filled Sinterline Technyl powders.
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Plastinov proposes a wide range of products catering for the following market : industry, wind energy, transport and aerospace. Plastinov get an R&D department able to manage all manufacturing...
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The brand “Polymer Engineering“ stands for scientific and practical research and teaching in the field of polymer materials. The department of Polymer Engineering at the University of Bayreuth, the...
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Revolution Composites specializes in the braiding, hand layup, and assembly of near net-shape fiber preforms and liquid molding using resin transfer molding (RTM) and vacuum assist resin transfer...
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Argosy serves a diverse group of markets including aerospace, automotive, transporting and sporting goods, with specialty chemical products including tooling resins, adhesives, coatings, potting...
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Research in polymer matrix composites in the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (MTM) of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven was started in 1982 at the beginning of the postdoctoral...
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The company "JMB" Sp. o.o. has been founded in 2000 in Goleniów, Poland. It has started from the production of wood briquettes. In 2002 the company has moved its operations to the current...