22 May 2015
Mondi Group confirms that it has signed an agreement with Walki Group, subject to competition clearance, to acquire two of its extrusion coating plants located in Pietarsaari, Finland and Wroclaw, Poland for a consideration of EUR 60m on a debtand cash-free basis.
Didier Evrard, Head of Programmes at Airbus, has been awarded the 2015 Icare prize
22 May 2015
This prize distinguishes him for his key role in the A350 XWB programme
22 May 2015
CompoSIDE, a web based composites design engineering solution, and Professor Research Emeritus of Stanford University Stephen Tsai are seeking an industrial pilot project to further demonstrate the benefits of the rapproach to composites design.
Munich Composites turns four years
22 May 2015
The company was founded four years ago by employees of the Technical University of Munich and continues its growth.
Glass fiber composite pipes jacked under railway
22 May 2015
In the village of Cikowice in Southern Poland, four culverts with a diameter of 3000 mm and a length of 34 m each have been jacked under a railway line for the sake of flood control. 
Mclaren launched carbon fiber racing car in Guangzhou
22 May 2015
Recently, Mclaren Guangzhou launched its first high performance sports car with truly noteworthy conduct and independent character, including the hardtop version and convertible version.
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Changzhou Xingcheng Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. is located at Dingyan town in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, in China. The company specializes in the production of PTFE white and brown staple...
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Michelman Fibers & Composites global business unit manufactures a variety of dispersions and emulsions of polymers and waxes used as carbon fiber sizing, glass fiber sizing, binders and...
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CVG is a center of innovation and technology transfer specialized molecules produced by green chemistry plant / vegetable matter fractionation and extraction and modification of molecules. Its aim is...
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Tygavac, a subsidiary of Airtech Advanced Materials Group, is a supplier of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials serving the composite, bonding and tooling industries. Tygavac’s product...
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ECM is an engineering company created in 1973 by the CRIT Group.
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Fibacore is a metal matrix composite with the fibre in the form of a true-3D woven ‘preform’. The material provides exceptional, tailorable mechanical properties in lightweight cast components at an...


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