Auckland harbour bridge pathway innovates with America's Cup technology
18 Apr 2014
SkyPath is capitalising on New Zealand’s marine expertise by proposing the use of composite materials and manufacturing technology developed for the America’s Cup. SkyPath would be constructed by the Auckland yacht builders who built the Team NZ and Oracle America’s Cup catamarans. 
Composite power cot for emergency medical services
18 Apr 2014
The Composites Group (TCG) and its three business units, Quantum Composites, Premix and Hadlock Plastics, have collaborated with Ferno EMS in creating the new iN∫X Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System - a power cot for the emergency medical services (EMS) industry, and a new application...
18 Apr 2014
The chairman of Mingyang Wind board of directors, Zhang Chuanwei annonce recently that Mingyang first offshore wind power project, Guangdong Zhuhai Guishan offshore wind power project, has already started construction.
Almaco promotes in-company courses across Latin America
17 Apr 2014
Since 2010, Almaco has promoted approximately 400 courses across Latin America. In addition to the itinerant seminars and the practical trainings conducted at the Composites Technology Center (CETECOM), in São Paulo, the entity also organized in-company courses.
Thermoplastic sandwich composites with honeycomb core made of polyamide
17 Apr 2014
Lanxess and EconCore are joining forces to develop thermoplastic sandwich materials for lightweight construction.
17 Apr 2014
Sika Composites adds Biresin CR132 ST and Biresin CR136 to their product portfolio to complement its range of products for the production of epoxy composite moulds. 
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Langendorf Textil developes and manufactures technical textiles with all technologies such as braiding, weaving, crocheting, barmen lace making or knitting. It includes braided sleeves, shrinkable...
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The companies of the Group Sora Composites (SOTIRA, SPPP) include all the aspects of the manufacturing of plastic parts strengthened by fiberglass or carbon since the design CAD until the molding (...
Riudellots de la Selva (girona)
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Roberlo is a European manufacturer of chemical products for different segments.
Le Bourget du Lac
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RocTool specializes in developing and improving Heat and Cool technologies and has a strong team in R&D, technical specialists and business development.
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Satair is a world leading supplier of aircraft parts and service solutions for aircraft maintenance.Acting as the link between manufacturers of aircraft parts and the businesses that depend on these...
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Barnet offer specialty fibres starting from 0.1mm for the compounding industry.