31 Oct 2014
The producer and distributor of structural core materials has signed a contract to acquire PNGB, a producer of Balsa with its own plantations in Papua New Guinea.
Automobile natural gas tanks made with thermoplastics composites
31 Oct 2014
DSM says a combination of two of its most innovative thermoplastics technologies has resulted in high performance pressure vessels that are ideally suited for use as lightweight fuel tanks for automobiles running on compressed natural gas (CNG) or hydrogen.
30 Oct 2014
The company announces the development of a new capability of brazing carbon fiber, ceramics, composites, or other engineered materials directly to a titanium honeycomb. This technique brings together qualities of both components, ensuring a final material that is strong, lightweight, and impact-...
30 Oct 2014
The company purchases non-crimp multiaxial reinforcement machinery from FGI.
SCIGRIP launches MMA adhesive with increased thermal resistance
30 Oct 2014
SCIGRIP will be launching an enhanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesive, SG 805, with increased temperature resistance and will also be introducing two newly appointed UK distributors: PSG Ltd and WI Polymers Ltd.
A carbon fiber composite wheelchair
29 Oct 2014
Carbon Black constructed a wheelchair almost entirely from carbon fibre to the customer sizing and configuration requirements. The full carbon fibre form gives ease of pushing with shock absorbing properties for smooth, minimal vibration rolling. 
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Within Parker Hannifin, the sales and services automation business unit develops turnkey machines and systems for motion automation. Their product portfolio comprises quilting machines for laminar...
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Mektech is a distributor of user friendly phenolic resins used to produce low density composites having far superior fire/smoke/smoke toxicity properties and high temperature resistance. Easily meets...
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Producer of fillers for solid surface casting and spray-up applications for the manufacturing of kitchen sinks, worktops, bathtubs and fibre glass swimming pools. Distributor of lightweight fillers (...
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Development, manufacturing and marketing of SMC, BMC, CIC, and MMC thermosetting composite semi-products.
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Economic development, seeking investors, project support, with a particular interest in the composites industry already well represented in the region...
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The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT is one of the world’s most important development and contract research institutes in its specific field. The activities cover a wide range of areas...