Pneumatic cord and yarn grips
21 Oct 2014
Instron offers an easy solution designed specifically to overcome the problem of premature failure for industrial textile fibres – including Aramid and UHMwPE.
21 Oct 2014
Henkel and Quickstep present study of benzoxazine components and OoA manufacturing process for aircraft and helicopters.
21 Oct 2014
Prestigious Innovation award for plasma-sprayed coating that maximises the value of using lightweight composites in electrical and electronic insulations.
A lightweight explosion-proof shelter on mobile fertilizer plant reclaimer
21 Oct 2014
Intertec built an airtight composite GRP construction material which provides lightweight safety solution for mobile application in explosive dust environment.
21 Oct 2014
Daicel USA has entered into a formal relationship with CompositeTechs for business development support of their products. Under the agreement, CompositeTechs will generate a detailed business plan to support market growth of new opportunities for Daicel.
21 Oct 2014
Reichhold introduces Polylite 33542-75,a pre-accelerated, filled, unsaturated polyester laminating resin suitable for the construction of GRP tooling.
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Additives for composites. Producer and supplier of MGO pastes and coextruded carrier films for SMC.
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Refitech Carbon Components is specialized in the development and serial production of high-quality components from fiber-reinforced plastics and supplies mainly to the professional industry. It is...
Le Barp
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AEC Polymers is an adhesive expert, designs, manufactures and sells, throughout its distributors network, a wide range of patented new generation structural adhesives. The company designs UV...
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This company manufactures equipment, sell machinery, rubber products, all products for industry electrical wiring, importer of workstations and storage equipment.
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Dou yee enterprises provides CNT-infused semi-finished materials for a wide spectrum of industrial applications, from heating, emi shielding and electrical conductive purposes.
Bretigny Sur Orges Cedex
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United States
Cegelec NDT offers a comprehensive non-destructive testing as well as equipment and systems such as generators & RX gamma, manual and automatic ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic particle and...