23 Jul 2014
The company has licensed patented manufacturing technology from Belgium based Bodair S.A. to produce composite struts, tubes and rods (STaR) for commercial and military aircraft applications.
23 Jul 2014
The global technology and specialty materials company announced that it will expand its manufacturing capabilities at the company’s Suzano, Brazil, facility to include Celstran long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) production.
22 Jul 2014
The company has been selected by Bombardier Aerospace Belfast to design, develop and supply the composite integrated rudder and elevator for the Global 7000 and Global 800 ultra long-range business jets.
22 Jul 2014
With a new high-tech recumbent design using innovative DSM materials, the Human Power Team Delft-Amsterdam wants to beat its own world speed record of 133.78 km/h in 2013, and set a world hour record in 2014. 
21 Jul 2014
The joint venture company between Andercol (a subsidiary of the Columbian-based Grupo Orbis) and Scott Bader Group launched its website for Brazilian composites market.
Carbon fibre epoxy prepreg rudders and dagger board hydrofoils for catamarans
21 Jul 2014
New Zealand based CarbonicBoats introduces a L/V design carbon fibre epoxy prepreg rudder and dagger board hydrofoil set for A Class racing catamarans.
I.C.S. Asia 2015
20 Oct 2015
27 Jul 2014
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Lot is the exclusive distributor for Thermal Wave Imaging throughout Europe. Thermal Wave Imaging which is the world’s leading provider of thermal non-destructive testing solutions to the aerospace...
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Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. (MRC) is a producer of advanced materials. Their products include carbon fibre, intermediate materials (prepreg and woven fabric, chopped fibre, GDL , etc.), and final...
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Yce is a wind blades specialists for on-site repair and maintenance. Their available services are : structural reconstruction of severely damaged blades, predictive blade maintenance; blades end-of-...
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The company offer an extensive line of laser projection solutions which offer greater process control while reducing cycle time and manufacturing costs.
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EVS is a supplier of vision empowered process monitoring systems since 1992.
Jushi Group is a global manufacturer and promoter of fiberglass products. So far, Jushi owns three large fiberglass production bases in China and has extended global sales network by setting up 11...