31 Jul 2014
Hexcel congratulates Vincenzo Nibali and Team Astana on winning the 2014 Tour de France on bike wheels manufactured by Corima using Hexcel’s carbon fiber composites.
A bio-composite made up of totally renewable and biodegradable components
31 Jul 2014
Södra, the Swedish forestry specialist, and James Cropper, Britain’s paper and technical fibre innovators join forces to establish strong, durable and degradable DuraPulp in the international marketplace.
31 Jul 2014
Recently, Jiangsu (province) Changzhou DIBA Textile Machinery Factory (Changzhou DIBA) has successfully developed carbon fiber multi axial warp knitting machine based on its independent intellectual property rights.
31 Jul 2014
Extends 3DExperience platform to global business operations planning.
CarbonTek shoulder pad system
31 Jul 2014
CarbonTek shoulder pad system gives a 360° of unparalleled protection, performance and comfort.
A high-heat plastic air intake manifold with integrated charge air cooler
30 Jul 2014
DSM announces a step forward in the use of thermoplastics in automotive high-heat zones. A recently-introduced hybrid sports car features a high-heat plastic air intake manifold (AIM) with integrated charge air cooler (CAC) in Stanyl Diablo, DSM's high temperature resistant polyamide 46.
20 Aug 2014
20 Aug 2014
24 Aug 2014
09 Sep 2014
United States
Hangzhou Mingda Glass Fibre Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fiberglass products.
In the 12th century the processing and smelting of silver ore was started in the region of Freiberg. Therefore the city developed to be a centre for schools of Mechanical, Process and Energy...
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Michelman Fibers & Composites global business unit manufactures a variety of dispersions and emulsions of polymers and waxes used as carbon fiber sizing, glass fiber sizing, binders and...
Johor Bahru
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Cray Valley is a producer of unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters, gelcoats and other composite materials.
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The Design Incubation Centre is a design research laboratory which investigates and develops new design tools to find new possibilities for the practice of design.
Aix en Provence
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U-pica mat® is a low density, non woven continuous strand laminate bulker/print control mat containing approximately 45% by volume of microballoons and having a density of 0.045 g/cm3. it provides...