Toray’s carbon fiber materials adopted by Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle Mirai CFRTP
27 Nov 2014
Toray Industries, Inc. announced that its carbon fiber material was adopted by Mirai, a fuel cell vehicle to be introduced in December this year by Toyota Motor Corporation.
27 Nov 2014
This standard is about test method for determination of the mode II interlaminar fracture toughness of unidirectional fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites using the end-notched flexure (ENF) test.
Natural wood fibers to reinforce plastic materials
27 Nov 2014
University of Southern Mississippi's school of polymers and high performance materials and Oregon State University are collaborating on a technology that uses natural wood fibers to reinforce plastic materials.
27 Nov 2014
The PowerArmor unit from IDG Europe has low-reflectance solar panels protected by an anti-ballistic surface made in a strong unidirectional fiber-reinforced composite.
26 Nov 2014
Dassault Systèmes announced the renewal of its ongoing technical partnership with Solar Impulse SA and publicly committed itself to the next phases of the record-breaking, solar-powered, round the world airplane project.
26 Nov 2014
Versarien, the advanced engineering materials group, announces that it has agreed terms to form a 50:50 joint venture with Dimar, a tungsten carbide tool manufacturer based in Israel, to distribute a new range of tooling for the composites industry.
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DWA Aluminum Composites is one of the only companies in the world dedicated to the development of powder metallurgy based, Aluminum Metal-Matrix-Composites (Al MMCs).
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The company operates in many markets such as swimming pools (public and private), composites, adhesives and structural adhesives, silicone chemistry, textile cleaning products (laundry, dry cleaning...
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Precupa Technology GmbH offers all services from the client’s idea to the first prototypes for mechanical and electrical type tests for MV and HV voltage products.
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The University of Bayreuth is a public research university situated in Bayreuth, Germany. It was founded in 1975 as a campus university focusing on international collaboration and interdisciplinarity...