23 Jul 2014
You too, seize the opportunity to make a presentation covering the latest technical developments in your field of expertise, in front of an informed audience of industrials. 
23 Jul 2014
The company has licensed patented manufacturing technology from Belgium based Bodair S.A. to produce composite struts, tubes and rods (STaR) for commercial and military aircraft applications.
23 Jul 2014
The global technology and specialty materials company announced that it will expand its manufacturing capabilities at the company’s Suzano, Brazil, facility to include Celstran long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) production.
22 Jul 2014
The company has been selected by Bombardier Aerospace Belfast to design, develop and supply the composite integrated rudder and elevator for the Global 7000 and Global 800 ultra long-range business jets.
22 Jul 2014
With a new high-tech recumbent design using innovative DSM materials, the Human Power Team Delft-Amsterdam wants to beat its own world speed record of 133.78 km/h in 2013, and set a world hour record in 2014. 
21 Jul 2014
The joint venture company between Andercol (a subsidiary of the Columbian-based Grupo Orbis) and Scott Bader Group launched its website for Brazilian composites market.
27 Jul 2014
United States
20 Aug 2014
20 Aug 2014
24 Aug 2014
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Held designs and manufactures customer specific presses and pressing plants specializing in isobaric double belt presses (DBP) with continuous throughput.
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Tianjin Tianduan Press Co., Ltd is a professional research and manufacture company of hydraulic press in China.
Aix en Provence
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The comapny supplies a wide range of tissues to industry, both in Australia and to over 20 other countries, for modern technologies such as high speed filament winding, pultrusion, hand lay up and...
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J. Schmalz GmbH is a providers of vacuum handling solutions for various industries. For automated production processes, they offer a variety of vacuum components, like suction pads, special grippers...
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EAS is specializing in fiberglass & basalt fiber & carbon fiber yarn & ceramic fiber textiles, including roving, thread, rope, chopped strands, mat&tissue , woven fabric, prepreg,...
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Synthesites develops and manufactures process monitoring systems (sensors, hardware and software) for various composites manufacturing processes using durable and disposable in-mould, in-pot and...