Penso pressed composite technology
06 Mar 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - Penso has taken an innovative approach to designing the tools such that they can be used in existing presses without modification.
Formax bespoke reinforcements for sporting goods
06 Mar 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - Formax will be showcasing their range of multiaxial fabrics that can be fully optimised for this niche sector at JEC 2015.
06 Mar 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - Apodius Vision Systems are a choice for composite series production, when dry fiber perform structures for Resin Transfer Moulding are involved. The automotive industry so far uses them predominantly for machine setup and statistic process control.
One single analyzer for DMA, fatigue and curing tests
06 Mar 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - DMA+300 is a instrument within the range of METRAVIB dynamic mechanical analyzers, the DMA+ series.
Room-temperature-curing structural adhesives
06 Mar 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - L&L’s A-K series is a range of high-performance structural adhesives intended for use in structural bonding applications for vehicle assembly. 
Thermwood announces high-performance Model 77
06 Mar 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - The Thermwood Model 77 series is a heavy-duty five-axis CNC machining centre specifically developed for three-dimensional machining of non-ferrous metals, composites and other advanced materials.
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PrintAgora prints full color on concrete and in composites materials.
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International manufacturing company of sustainable bio-based resins, epoxy hardeners, and polyols derived from renewable agricultural feedstock.
Chengdu Chang Yuan Shun Co.,Ltd.
Chengdu, Sichuan
Chengdu Chang Yuan Shun Co., Ltd. (Bureau Veritas certified company) is located in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province P.R. China (CYS glassfiber). An ISO9001-2008 quality controled company...
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United States
Vermont Composites, Inc. offers a full line of Other activity from design and structural analysis through to prototyping and production of advanced composite structures for the aerospace, medical,...
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J. Schmalz GmbH is a providers of vacuum handling solutions for various industries. For automated production processes, they offer a variety of vacuum components, like suction pads, special grippers...
Founded in 2005, Assocompositi is the Italian Industry Association for Composite Materials. Its mission is to promote knowledge and use of composite materials in Italy in every possible industrial...