31 Oct 2014
Johns Manville (JM), a Berkshire Hathaway company and global building products manufacturer, today announced that Mary Rhinehart has been named Chairman of the company. Rhinehart was appointed as JM President and Chief Executive Officer in November 2012.
31 Oct 2014
The producer and distributor of structural core materials has signed a contract to acquire PNGB, a producer of Balsa with its own plantations in Papua New Guinea.
Automobile natural gas tanks made with thermoplastics composites
31 Oct 2014
DSM says a combination of two of its most innovative thermoplastics technologies has resulted in high performance pressure vessels that are ideally suited for use as lightweight fuel tanks for automobiles running on compressed natural gas (CNG) or hydrogen.
30 Oct 2014
The company announces the development of a new capability of brazing carbon fiber, ceramics, composites, or other engineered materials directly to a titanium honeycomb. This technique brings together qualities of both components, ensuring a final material that is strong, lightweight, and impact-...
30 Oct 2014
The company purchases non-crimp multiaxial reinforcement machinery from FGI.
SCIGRIP launches MMA adhesive with increased thermal resistance
30 Oct 2014
SCIGRIP will be launching an enhanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesive, SG 805, with increased temperature resistance and will also be introducing two newly appointed UK distributors: PSG Ltd and WI Polymers Ltd.
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Ferdinand Stükerjürgen continually develops ideas and technology to an extremely high standard. The company's German and them branches exercise great care in creating high-tech articles from small...
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Leda Industrie Srl produces gelcoats, adhesives, color pastes, and special personalized resins. It offers polyester resins, fire-resistant resins, resins for moulds, resins for infusion, special...
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United States
Ingersoll is an American icon among manufacturers of machine tools and specialty machines.
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North Thin Ply Technology provides integrated solutions to the composite industry. NTPT's main facility is located in Switzerland with a team of 25 focused on Research & Development. Thin Ply...
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Ashland Performance Materials is a manufacturer of composite resins, gelcoats, adhesives, specialty coatings and elastomers. The company produce epoxy vinyl ester resins; unsaturated polyester resins...
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The objective of the +Composites project is to encourage technology transfer from "technological excellence centres" to companies, especially SMBs in North West Europe. To achieve the project’s...