Composite trauma device technology for internal fracture fixation
22 Oct 2014
Invibio Biomaterial Solutions developed trauma plates with 50x greater fatigue resistance compared to metal options and cost-saving potential for healthcare providers.
22 Oct 2014
First customer aircraft takes to the sky
A joining technology for quick bonding of fasteners without loss of performance
22 Oct 2014
The assembly specialist Böllhoff and the adhesive expert Delo have developed an innovative joining method. With a bonded bolt called Onsert, composites, thin sheet metals, plastics and other materials are equipped with a multi-purpose connection element.
Vapormatt white paper shows way to better composite manufacture
22 Oct 2014
Vapormatt has launched a free white paper entitled Enhancing Composite Performance which highlights the ways in which wet blasting helps to improve performance.
AIMPLAS will offer technical assistance to Valencia’s new lighthouse construction works
22 Oct 2014
Valencia’s new lighthouse is a good example of composites potential role in the construction sector. This is a unique project as the new lighthouse has been mainly designed with composite materials.
Huntsman focuses on new generation composite and adhesive materials for aerospace interiors
22 Oct 2014
The use of composite materials on aircraft interiors in pursuit of the same performance demands that motivate the OEMs of primary structures continues to emerge from the shadow of composite airframe applications.
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Eisenmann is a suppliers of general finishing technology, material flow automation, environmental technology as well as thermal processing technology. The company builds modular oven systems for the...
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The e-Xstream engineering company develops and markets  non-linear multi-scale modelling platform for composite materials and structures that enables the design of innovative optimized composite...
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Arkema offers a comprehensive composite line to help create lighter materials.The company launched the first range of liquid thermoplastic resins under the brand Elium, which is transformed using the...
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Swancor is a professional manufacturer of specialty chemicals from Taiwan. They are focusing on anti-corrosion and high performance composites resins. The product lines include vinyl ester resins,...
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Cegelec NDT offers a comprehensive non-destructive testing as well as equipment and systems such as generators & RX gamma, manual and automatic ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic particle and...
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Cosmos composite is specialized in manufacture of composite parts and sub-assemblies, and also prototyping of advanced composite parts with minimal tooling costs and quick turnaround through...