22 Jul 2014
The company has been selected by Bombardier Aerospace Belfast to design, develop and supply the composite integrated rudder and elevator for the Global 7000 and Global 800 ultra long-range business jets.
22 Jul 2014
With a new high-tech recumbent design using innovative DSM materials, the Human Power Team Delft-Amsterdam wants to beat its own world speed record of 133.78 km/h in 2013, and set a world hour record in 2014. 
21 Jul 2014
The joint venture company between Andercol (a subsidiary of the Columbian-based Grupo Orbis) and Scott Bader Group launched its website for Brazilian composites market.
Carbon fibre epoxy prepreg rudders and dagger board hydrofoils for catamarans
21 Jul 2014
New Zealand based CarbonicBoats introduces a L/V design carbon fibre epoxy prepreg rudder and dagger board hydrofoil set for A Class racing catamarans.
Used for lightweight construction
21 Jul 2014
With the new vertical large-scale machine series Engel v-duo the manufacturer of injection moulding machines Engel Austria opens up new areas of application in lightweight automobile construction. Engel delivered a first Engel v-duo to the BMW Works in Landshut.
Epoxy vinyl ester resins designed for carbon reinforced composites
18 Jul 2014
AOC has developed R058, a line of resins to meet the increased demand for high-performance composites in aerospace, automotive, wind energy, military, marine and other markets.
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27 Jul 2014
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Bluesky Composites Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of FRP (fibreglass reinforced plastic) products in China. After years of unremitting efforts and research, we can skilfully produce a...
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Since 1926, Mil's is designing, developping and producing vacuum pumps and blowers. Their systems for production of air, vacuum and oxygen have already been installed in hundreds of sites all over...
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Cemcat is a centre dedicated to composite technologies that uses its expertise to help companies design and produce high performance parts.
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Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nammo Composite Solutions is a composite manufacturing and engineering company with over 20 years of experience in operation.   AS9100 Certified Composite...
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Tiodize has a demonstrated track record in the production of customer specific, high quality parts and products that are manufactured from virtually endless composite combinations. Fasteners and...
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The Aksa manufacturing process is based on wet spinning process . The fiber has a kidney shaped cross-section. They produces tow, top or staple fiber in both ecru and in a broad range of colors by...