A high-heat plastic air intake manifold with integrated charge air cooler
30 Jul 2014
DSM announces a step forward in the use of thermoplastics in automotive high-heat zones. A recently-introduced hybrid sports car features a high-heat plastic air intake manifold (AIM) with integrated charge air cooler (CAC) in Stanyl Diablo, DSM's high temperature resistant polyamide 46.
Airtech Advanced Materials Group introduces the new vacuum test unit
30 Jul 2014
The Airtech Vacuum Test Unit is used to test the vacuum integrity of all Airtech vacuum hoses and valves as well as the quick disconnect couplings attached to these hoses and valves.
30 Jul 2014
The project will create a ''Materials, Process Selection and Design for Manufacture Guideline Tool'' to assist with the design and development of new composite component applications.
Dia-Stron presents its fibres testing system
30 Jul 2014
Dia-Stron, a leading manufacturer of integrated measurement systems for single fibres and filaments, presents its complete measurement solutions for fibre testing.
29 Jul 2014
With equipment for precision machining, the company announces that they are now offering their composite machining services for the varying branches of the military.
29 Jul 2014
Broadwater Mouldings Ltd., has just completed the expansion of its manufacturing facilities at its main UK production site in Suffolk.
20 Aug 2014
20 Aug 2014
24 Aug 2014
09 Sep 2014
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Soteco s.p.a. produces chemical compounds. From its experience and research activities, Soteco Group has founded SotecoFoam, the division dedicated exclusively to the analysis and development of...