Hexcel opens a $10 million Innovation Centre in UK
24 May 2016
This center, located in Duxford, is Hexcel’s largest centre for research into resin systems and adhesives.
24 May 2016
EnvisionTEC, a manufacturer of professional grade 3D printing solutions, announces the launch of the SLCOM 1 industrial composite 3D printer.
24 May 2016
AE Industrial Partners, LLC, a private equity investor in aerospace, power generation and specialty industrial companies, announces that it has acquired AC&A, LLC, a manufacturer of composite and metallic parts and tooling.
A hand-held measurement tool which reduces panel inspection time
24 May 2016
According to Third Dimension, its GapGun measurement system reduces MRO inspection times for interior and exterior composite panels by almost 90 per cent.
A UV curable liner which speeds up pipe repair
23 May 2016
Brandenburger liner manufacturing process becomes more competitive using Aliancys technical solution.
Magna opens exteriors facility in Mexico
23 May 2016
The company announces the opening of Magna Exteriors Queretaro, a newly constructed facility in Queretaro, Mexico, for manufacturing automotive exterior products.
Gissey Le Vieil
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CRST develops and produces multiaxial fabrics based son and ribbons cracked, twisted and not strictly parallel. The company uses all organic fibers (glass, carbon, aramid, silicon ...) and has also...
Salt Lake City
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United States
Utah, located in the western U.S., develops technologies across the supply chain in the advanced composite materials industry. From R&D, engineering to production, Utah is uniquely positioned...
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Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) was founded in 1912, IFAI is the only trade association in the world representing the entire specialty fabrics-technical textiles industry. Member...
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Sener composite processing technologies area supplies manufacturing cells, researches on process engineering and product development. They are specialized in automation of structural assembly...
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superTEX composites develops and manufactures double curved duroplastic composite lightweight tubes (carbon, glass, aramid or basalt fibres) called splineTEX structural elements. The patented...
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Design and manufacture of thermoset composite parts (polyester, hénolique, vinyl ester, epoxy) from prototype to serial processes: Compression (SMC, PSMC, BMC) Low Pressure Injection and Wet (RTM),...


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