27 Nov 2015
Presumably from 2017 it will be possible to additionally produce up to 70,000 metric tons per year of Ultramid (PA: polyamide) and Ultradur (PBT: polybutylene terephthalate) at the Schwarzheide site, Germany.
A powder gelcoat process
27 Nov 2015
The Ecogel Cronos project aims to the development of an ecological and innovative coating for composite parts which may be able to eliminate the styrene emissions from the workplace. 
27 Nov 2015
This is a position created to take this recently formed organization to its next stage of growth. The Composites Alliance of Rhode Island is a partnership of approximately 50 composites companies in Rhode Island, along with stakeholders, that are working together to market and develop this...
27 Nov 2015
Exel Composites has joined Cleantech Finland, an organization promoting clean technology. Exel Composites’ membership supports the company’s target to develop lighter, more durable and energy efficient and thus more environmentally friendly products and solutions.
27 Nov 2015
One of the most dangerous aspects of a fire is the toxic gases that can arise from the process of combustion. To save lives and develop safer materials for airplanes, trains, and buildings, it is vital to identify and measure the gases that are released when products and materials are burning.
Carbon fiber wallets
26 Nov 2015
Common fibers launches carbon fibers wallets made by bending pre-resined laminates.
St Julien Du Sault
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Leresche manufactures industrial blades since 1854. The company specializes in the manufacture of blades for cutting glass fibers, textile fibers, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, etc.. It designs...
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Beta Epsilon is a highly specialized engineering company focused on developing racing cars and niche vehicles. The continuous search for performance and success through racing car competition as well...
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United Kingdom
NanoCelluComp is an EU Seventh Framework Programme project delivered by a consortium of European research and industrial organizations. NanoCelluComp aims to develop a novel process technology that...
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United States
Harper International is a leader in thermal processing technology for carbon fibre. Harper International offers integrated solutions for fibre conversion, including innovative furnaces and oxidation...
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Piercan specializes in making high temperature natural bladders for composite moulding and vacuum bag moulding.
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Future Fibres is a supplier of composite masts and rigging to the race, cruise and superyacht markets.


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