03 Jul 2015
Creating a prototype is always a challenge, but CRP USA has increased the capabilities of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing to make it easier with Windform materials.
Motorola composite covers moulded with Roctool technologies
03 Jul 2015
RocTool, designs innovative processes for rapid molding of composites and plastic material and is a partner of Motorola’s award winning innovation with a JEC Innovation Award in the Electronic Products Category.
03 Jul 2015
Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Maryland have developed image gathering and processing techniques to map the nanoscale structure of carbon nanotubes inside a composite material in 3D.
Airtech introduces the Premium Multi-Valve 408 Vac Valve
03 Jul 2015
The solid body design of the Premium Multi-Valve 408 combines the male quick disconnect and thru-bag connector, eliminating threaded connections and potential leak paths.
03 Jul 2015
AutoDISC has proposed a new method for Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) for future generation composite aircraft using CAD controlled robotics that will ensure aircraft are both safe to fly and have reduced aircraft hangar time, saving costs.
03 Jul 2015
After several years of academic research in partnership with the Clément Ader Institute and the Mines Albi-Carmaux engineering school, the French SME Alpha Recyclage Composites (member of the Aerospace Valley cluster) has started a development program with the same partners. 
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Sinergo offers the latest technologies and equipment for: electromagnetic field induction welding of composites; equipment for production and test of semiconductor power modules and wafers; precision...
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It is a transfer center dedicated to eco-materials and sustainable construction, the Codem tests, characterizes and develops new materials including the building industry. Engineers develop the...
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Family company established in 1946. Leader in the production of: - pigment pastes - gel coats - bonding pastes
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Their institute is pursuing a holistic approach to design, manufacture and product development using novel polymers and fibre reinforced composites. Lightweight structures are one important aspect in...
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United States
The Gill Corporation is a manufacturer of honeycomb, high performance floor panels, cargo compartment liners and original equipment for passenger and freighter aircraft.The company also provides...


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