JEC Directory: over 1300 companies registered
16 Apr 2014
Strength of more than 1300 industry suppliers, the JEC Directory is the reference if you are looking for new business contacts in the composites field of activities. This free tool promotes every stage of the composite process, from raw-material to OEM.
Versatile digital vacuum gauge for leak detection and vacuum determinations
16 Apr 2014
Airtech Advanced Materials Group introduces the Digital Vac-Gauge 40D.
Low-emission polyamide 6 for long fiber reinforced thermoplastics flow molding
16 Apr 2014
Lanxess expands range for thermoplastic compression molding processes with high load-bearing sandwich structures.
16 Apr 2014
Element Hitchin has completed a proof-of-concept research project to design and build equipment for the continuous quality control and repairing of reinforced thermoplastic pipes during the manufacturing process.
16 Apr 2014
Recently, CPIC received the notice of allowance about the licensing of our invention patent. TM fiberglass has been granted US invention patent, and its application No. is US13381969.
Sandwich composite tanks for Rio City Aquarium
15 Apr 2014
Barracuda Composites engineering division designed a total of 27 sandwich composite tanks using finite element analysis for the largest marine aquarium in Latinamerica.
+49 351 201 3201
The company GTS - GRP Technique & Service was founded in 2004 as a centre of excellence for manufacturing glass fibre reinforced plastic pipes (GRP). Its competence is based on long term...
+1 718 672 8300
United States
Serving industry for 70+ years. Formulating, producing and supplying mould release agents and process aid additives/internal mould release. solvent base, water base, semi-permanent release agents,...
S. Maria di Sala (ve)
+39 (0)415768111
FPT industrie s.p.A. is a company in manufacturing medium to large size milling and boring machines for the mechanical and die & mould.
+ 44 1606 338 748
United Kingdom
Texkimp are specialists in designing and manufacturing equipment for the unwinding, guiding & tensioning of every kind of yarn, fibre, tow, tape monofilament & multi-filament.
+32 81 56 62 00
Coexpair is an engineering company that combines a study office and a prototyping shop.
Gissey Le Vieil
+33 (0)3 80 64 69 69
CRST develops and produces multiaxial fabrics based son and ribbons cracked, twisted and not strictly parallel. The company uses all organic fibers (glass, carbon, aramid, silicon ...) and has also...