Airbus A350 XWB makes its “première” in Paris
27 Feb 2015
The A350 MSN2, one of Airbus’ five A350 XWB test aircraft, has landed at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport for the first time ever.
Improve compaction of thick composite laminates
27 Feb 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - Heatcons Double Vacuum Debulking (DVD) Chamber is designed to perform vacuum or dual-vacuum debulking of composite materials.
27 Feb 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - The first demonstration of a sustainable, cradle-to-cradle high performance snowboard, by Niche. Made with Entropy Resins' bio-based epoxy resin and Connora's Recyclamine Hardener.
Innovations in tape and fibre processing
27 Feb 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - At JEC Europe 2015, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) presents several innovations in the field of fibre placement and thermoplastic tape processing.
New fibre diameter, length and curvature measuring system
27 Feb 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - CottonscopeHD, a unique new way of rapidly measuring fibre diameter, length and curvature, will be shown at JEC Europe 2015 for the first time by Cottonscope Pty Ltd.
Acralock primerless structural MMA adhesive range
27 Feb 2015
JEC Europe 2015 - The new patented Acralock MMA structural adhesive product range by Engineered Bonding Solutions offers a solution for primerless structural bonding assemblies.
Torres de Elorz (navarra)
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M. Torres group designs, manufactures and installs special machine tools for manufacturing of aerospace components, as well as tooling systems and assembly lines.
Suzhou Beecore Honeycomb Materials Co., Ltd was established in 2009 by two experts, Mr. Nauta and Mr. Leng who have been into the business of honeycomb materials and equipments for 3 decades and 10...
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ATL Composites is a supplier to the high performance, composite industry in Australia. Their versatile epoxy systems include unique laminating resins, high strength adhesives and lightweight filler...
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Manufacturer of woven tapes, woven UD tubulars and woven 3-dimensional preformed shapes. These are made out of carbon, aramid, glass and hybrids up to approximately 350mm wide.
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United Kingdom
Amber Composites has provided materials and technical expertise to a number of industries; these include motorsport, automotive, industrial and marine. This company has historically been well known...