Surface Generation expands in UK and Asia
27 May 2015
Surface Generation, a provider of advanced materials processing technologies, announced that it has opened new technology demonstration facilities in the UK and Taiwan after trials showed significant quality improvements in parts created using its novel injection moulding techniques.
Dassault Systèmes co-leads the French Government initiative "Industry of the Future"
27 May 2015
Dassault Systèmes announced that it is co-leading the second phase of the French government’s strategic push for industrial modernization in France.
27 May 2015
Litzler is pleased to announce that Brantley Bass is joining C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. in a new composites machinery sales position.
The glass fibre reinforced phenolic cylinder casing offers lower weight and redu
27 May 2015
The company estimates that, by the year 2020, the first cylinder housings manufactured from polymer composite materials will be introduced into passenger car and motorcycle engines, replacing the aluminium components currently in use.
27 May 2015
The company announces its investment in expanded laboratory equipment to further enhance its advanced composites materials testing capabilities, which service multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy and building.  
27 May 2015
Jiangsu Kangde Xin Composite Co., Ltd and the Roding Automobile GmbH have recently signed a memorandum of cooperation.
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Argosy serves a diverse group of markets including aerospace, automotive, transporting and sporting goods, with specialty chemical products including tooling resins, adhesives, coatings, potting...
Saxion is a education and research institute. It focuses its research on high-tech systems and materials. A key activity is the modern use of flax and other fibers. Supporting research is being done...
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Advenira Enterprises Inc., is a Sunnyvale, CA based company that develops a novel Solution Derived Nanocomposite (SDN) technology that allows for low-cost/high-throughput multifunctional coatings...
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FutureCarbon specializes in the development and manufacture of carbon nanomaterials and their refinement to create what are called carbon super-composites, primary products for further processing by...
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The Pays de la Loire Region, a prime territory for composite materials. In the framework of its support policy for the development of an industry of excellence in the field of composite materials.
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Since its foundation in 1882, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has been the most effective and influential organization in the business climate of Turkey and represents, currently, almost 320,000...


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