05 May 2016
CFM International’s advanced LEAP-1B engine was simultaneously awarded Type Certificates by both the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), paving the way for entry into commercial service in 2017.
05 May 2016
The FIBRALSPEC project is being carried out by a consortium of partners with much experience in European research cooperation and will result in functionalised innovative carbon fibres developed from novel precursors with cost efficiency and tailored properties.
05 May 2016
Largest ever Victrex PEEK-based structure designed to deliver subsea pumping reliability in today's extreme subsea Oil & Gas operations
Rickter launches personal watercraft line reinforced by TeXtreme
04 May 2016
The personal watercraft manufacturer Rickter-RRP has just launched its model lineup for 2016 – featuring the top-of-the-line XFS Ninja Competition freestyle jet ski reinforced by TeXtreme.
An all-GRP enclosure for ultra-corrosive environments
04 May 2016
An enclosure that eliminates all metal parts, for housing outdoor equipment operating in extremely corrosive operating conditions, is announced by a field instrumentation protection specialist Intertec.
Solvent-free two-component polyurethane adhesives
04 May 2016
Chemique Adhesives, a manufacturer and supplier of high performance industrial adhesives, sealants, and adhesive application equipment, showcases its two-component polyurethane adhesive range, Solfre2 and Solfre2 honeycomb, at JEC Americas 2016.
Clubtex(association) develops the technical textile sector in the broadest sense: innovation, development of new markets, new applications, international development, technological intelligence,...
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Metyx Composites is a manufacturer of high-performance technical textiles, including : multiaxial reinforcements (E-glass, aramid, carbon and hybrids), RTM reinforcements, woven reinforcements and...
Chitra fibres is one of the leading manufacturer of frp/grp products like grp slides, garden equipments, planters, benches, dustbin, composite manhole cover etc
La Rochelle
+33 (0)5 46 31 71 00
Economic development, seeking investors, project support, with a particular interest in the composites industry already well represented in the region...
Le Bourget du Lac
Techset provides copyediting, composition, project management, Web deliverables and ebook services, using InDesign, APP (3B2) and LaTeX production platforms. Almost all the work, Techset produce is...


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