Bauer Hockey Nexus 1N stick reinforced by TeXtreme
09 Oct 2015
TeXtreme carbon fiber fabrics help reduce the weight while, at the same time, increase the durability and strength of the stick.
Stephen Bruner
09 Oct 2015
The specialist in advanced abrasive waterjet systems, welcomes Stephen Bruner to its senior management team as vice president of marketing.
FACC presents its winglet technology
08 Oct 2015
The company developed an active morphing winglet that reduces fuel consumption, noise and exhaust emissions and increases air safety.
LightArmour project launched to develop hybrid lightweight armour
08 Oct 2015
A new DUTE (Dual Use Technology Exploitation Cluster) project, ‘LightArmour’, has been launched to develop armour based on a combination of Self-Reinforced Polymer (SRP) composites and lightweight ceramics.
08 Oct 2015
The producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcement materials, has completed capacity expansions for its S-2 Glass and L-Glass specialty glass fiber product lines.
08 Oct 2015
Xinjiang Lutong new materials carbon fiber high end composite materials petrol equipment project has formally launched and the construction inauguration ceremony has been held during that day in the Karamay petrol chemical industrial park, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
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United Kingdom
The University grew out of the radical vision of our first Chancellor, Joseph Chamberlain. Founded in 1900, Birmingham represented a new model for higher education. This was England’s first civic...
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Bamboo Fibers Technology is a clean technology company which produce an alternative green material with bamboo fibres.
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Lavesan provides the market with the highest quality of gelcoat and resins reaching the same standards which made Leda famous.The firm also produces woven roving and fibreglass composites, and...
Riehen / Ba le
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Sampe is dedicated to promoting advanced composite materials & technology by organizing national and continental technical conferences and symposiums in close relation with leading industries,...
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The research of the chair for Automotive light weight construction includes innovative solutions for automotive lightweight, which plays an important role with regard to climate protection. The...
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United States
AASC has over 50 years’ experience providing advanced composite and metal bonded aerospace structures. Specializing in design, fabrication and testing of lightweight, high performance engineered...


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