A lightweight explosion-proof shelter on mobile fertilizer plant reclaimer
21 Oct 2014
Intertec built an airtight composite GRP construction material which provides lightweight safety solution for mobile application in explosive dust environment.
21 Oct 2014
Daicel USA has entered into a formal relationship with CompositeTechs for business development support of their products. Under the agreement, CompositeTechs will generate a detailed business plan to support market growth of new opportunities for Daicel.
21 Oct 2014
Reichhold introduces Polylite 33542-75,a pre-accelerated, filled, unsaturated polyester laminating resin suitable for the construction of GRP tooling.
A high-speed resin applicator for filament winding
20 Oct 2014
TSE Industries launches EcoWinder, a super-fast, patented, dripless, high-speed resin applicator designed to work with their polyurethane resin system for filament winding.
A reformable epoxy adhesive film
20 Oct 2014
L&L Products, a global applied engineering & materials science company, launches a reformable epoxy adhesive film which combines the adhesion and mechanical properties of an epoxy with the processing ease of a thermoplastic.
20 Oct 2014
The company announced a contract, to design, engineer, develop and manufacture the inlet, nacelle and thrust reverser – and provide propulsion system build‐up – for Pratt & Whitney Canada’s new PurePower PW814GA and PW815GA engines to be used on the Gulfstream G500 & G600 aircraft.
CSEM is a private research and development company, partially funded by the Swiss confederation. It provides cutting edge R&D services for industrial applications. By combining microsystems...
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CORAL antipollution systeme is known around the world for being highly specialized in the production of components, systems and installations designed to meet the needs of most industrial areas.
Llinars del Vallés (Barcelona)
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Mallanets manufactures and commercialises fabrics used for the making of composites, principally for Vacuum Bagging.
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Abahsain Fiberglass M.E. (AFG) produces ECR glass fibre in Bahrain, Middle East. The product range consists of single end rovings, multi end rovings, chopped strand mats and woven rovings. The state-...
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ProfileComp GmbH, a technology-based company, has developed a process (DExWIN process) to enable high volume combined with the low-cost production of thermoplastic advanced composite profiles for a...
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Akrapovic was founded in 1990 and has become one of the leading companies in the titanium processing industry. Their extensive research and development team focuses on titanium alloys to meet the...