23 Apr 2014
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Alabama at Birmingham will showcase live demonstrations on JEC Americas 2014 in Atlanta.
JEC Directory: 10 new companies registered this week
23 Apr 2014
Strength of more than 1300 industry suppliers, the JEC Directory is the reference if you are looking for new business contacts in the composites field of activities. This free tool promotes every stage of the composite process, from raw-material to OEM.
23 Apr 2014
The companies join forces to offer Biotex range across Finland and Estonia.
Composite solar-array wings for Sentinel-1A satellite
23 Apr 2014
The satellite was launched with 12 Airborne Panels on-board, from the launch site in Kourou, French Guiana. While entering into its low earth-orbit, both solar-array wings were deployed and directed to face towards the sun.
Teijin Aramid wins Pirelli Supplier Award 2014 for textile reinforcing material
23 Apr 2014
The companies awarded by Pirelli are the suppliers who record performance and commitment to the business with Pirelli. Teijin Aramid is the first supplier to receive an award for textile reinforcing material. 
23 Apr 2014
Although this type of aircraft is still in the development stage currently, AVIC has already received more than 500 SF50 aircraft orders so far.
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Company for development, sales and distribution, C.F. Maier Europlast is a manufacturer of components and systems made of reinforced plastics (GRP , CRP), polyurethane and thermoplastic semi-finished...
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Daxen is a manufacturer of new autoclaves and ovens for curing composite materials and vulcanizing rubbers.
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Founded in 1970, Kaneka Belgium was the first Japanese chemical production unit in Europe. Today Kaneka Belgium is the cornerstone of the Kaneka global network. Kaneka Belgium’s main business...
Toulouse Cedex 9
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Midi-Pyrenees, in the heart of the competitiveness cluster of Aerospace Valley, offers a complete range in the field of thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials: engineering (design and...
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The Broetje-Automation portfolio covers the entire relevant process, production and automation expertise used in aerospace. We are just as familiar with processing composite materials for weight...
Marignane Cedex
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The Franco-German-Spanish Eurocopter Group is a division of EADS, a world leader in aerospace and defense-related services. This company is the world’s number one helicopter manufacturer.