JEC Group - Knowledge & Networking - Developing the composites industry worldwide


  • JEC is the largest composites industry organization in Europe and in the world with a network of 250,000 professionals

  • JEC represents, promotes and expands composites markets by providing global or local networking and information services. Through knowledge and networking, the JEC experts offer a comprehensive service package: the JEC publications – including strategic studies, technical books and the JEC Composites Magazine – the weekly international E-letter “World Market News” and the French E-letter "JEC Info Composites"

  • JEC also organizes JEC Europe Show in Paris – world and European leader, strongly supported by the industry and five times bigger than any other composites exhibition – JEC Asia in Singapore and JEC Americas in Atlanta and Boston, the Web Hub, the JEC Conferences, Forums and Workshops in Paris, Singapore and Boston, and the JEC Innovation Awards program (Europe, Asia, America, India and China)

  • In 2013, the composites industry employed 550,000 professionals worldwide and generated 55 billion euros worth of business

  • JEC supports the development of composite materials by fostering knowledge transfer and exchanges between suppliers and users

  • To date, the JEC network connects more than 250,000 professionals from a hundred countries. A strongly user-oriented strategy JEC informs composite professionals about major events, economic, technical and technological developments, new products and applications

  • JEC’s mission is to organize exchanges and to facilitate connections among all involved players – raw material producers, processors, distributors, machine and software manufacturers, institutions, academics, researchers and users (aeronautics, automotive, marine, land transportation, construction, energy, sports & leisure, EEE, etc)