JEC creates value for the Composites sector


Dating back from 1963 with the creation of an information bulletin, The JEC Company was created in December 1996 as a subsidiary of CPC, Le Centre de Promotion des Composites, a non-profit association.

After more than 20 years of leadership from Mrs. Frédérique Mutel, JEC has increased in scope, network and number of employees delivering a growing service to the composites sector concomitantly conducting a strong international development.

Today, after having won over many segments of the industry, in particular, raw material producers and manufacturers, JEC group is extending its scope of work to new segments of the value chain by actively promoting the various new applications domains of composites and demonstrating key benefits towards end-users.


World Map Activities


In addition to its headquarters in Europe (Paris, France), JEC opened offices in America and Asia:

  • Contribute to expanding composites markets
  • Services provider globally and locally
  • Offices and staff in the European Union, US and Asia



Wholly owned and founded by the Centre de Promotion des Composites, a nonprofit association of key stakeholders of the industry, JEC Group systematically reinvests its profits into the creation of new services to serve the composites material industry and expand its end-user applications markets.

President of the board, Michel Cognet

Michel Cognet

The following companies are on the Board of Administration:



Aliancys Applied Graphene Materials
Chomarat Hexcel Huntsman
IDI Composites International Magna Owens Corning
Polynt Porcher Industries Solvay