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2011: JEC Celebrates 55 Years of Leadership

JEC Group
15 Mar 2011
For 55 years, the JEC Group has been promoting composites. Through its endeavours it has become the leading organisation for composite industries.(Document also available in French, German, Italian and Spanish)


Founded by the composite industries in 1956, the JEC Group invests all year round in its sector developing services, programmes and products to promote the industry as a whole. It is the only benchmark reference representing and supporting the entire industry globally and locally every day. Unlike private operators that create composite trade fairs and exhibitions to fatten the wallets of their shareholders, the JEC Group invests all of its resources to help move the sector forward.

Frédérique MUTEL, Chief Executive Officer of the JEC Group, explains: “Our strategy is to offer the sector and potential composite users genuine added value in terms of the wealth of information and networking. We work hard to pass on knowledge and develop networks, to establish connections between industry, academia, research and end-users. 

We are continuously creating new tools and content to provide real-time information about the composites sector throughout the world”.

The transfer of knowledge also occurs through communication and information media (JEC Composites Magazine, e-newsletters in French and other languages) and also strategic themed research, essential for in-depth knowledge of our markets. Our innovation support programme also plays its part with the JEC Innovation Awards that, every year, recognise the best composite innovations throughout the world at events in Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore and Paris.

The I.I.C.S. – Innovative International Composites Summit – brings together professionals and experts for forums and conferences covering industrial, transverse, technical and strategic themes.



In 55 years, the pioneers who made the first open-moulded composite pieces have been overtaken by a global industry posting 6% total annual growth.

“The JEC Group develops and explores essential and priority themes for the sector such as new raw materials, thermoplastics, process industrialisation, biomaterials, nanomaterials and more… Today, all sectors are looking for lighter products in composites with all the essential characteristics whether they are for the automotive industry or aerospace… Increasing production is a great challenge, so how do we rise to it? Automation is imposing itself on this industry. The JEC Group informs and educates the sector about the technologies necessary for large scale production,” highlights Frédérique Mutel.



The JEC Group is the designer and organiser behind what is now the world leader in its field: the JEC Composites Show.

This trade fair has not stopped developing and today covers 46,500 square metres (on average 5 times bigger than any other composite fair or exhibition in the world). It represents a unique opportunity to discover the entire sector’s progress and developments on the international stage, over three days. After the JEC Show Asia created in 2008, the JEC Group is launching JEC Show Americas with the first edition taking place in Boston, from 7th to 9th November 2012.



“For the second quarter 2011, JEC is announcing the launch of a new website. is already the leading site for the composites industry with over 420,000 visitors every year. It is a genuine keystone and a source of information and ideas, facilitating discussions and exchanges between producers and end-users,” explains Frédérique Mutel. This new website will be interactive and enable every JEC partner to find the information they need.


 The JEC Group connects all composite professionals and is the only organisation to run a network of 250,000 people from academia, industry and research, all over the world.