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Composite Innovation continues!

1 Jun 2020
While the world experiences an unprecedented pandemic, innovation in composites goes on and proposes solutions for the entire industry's value chain and application sectors. Therefore JEC Composites Magazine is publishing the first JEC 2020 Innovation Report. This publication, which lists more than 80 of the most recent composite innovations, identified by the editorial team, that were supposed to be presented during JEC World 2020, evidences a solidly dynamic sector led by high-performance and environmentally friendly innovations.

Resistance, lightness and integration: key words of composite innovation

Research on innovations in composite materials is defined by even greater resistance, increased lightness and numerous integrations. All of the links in the value chain are presented in the 2020 Innovation Report: from Raw materials, Intermediates and Ancilarry, R&D to Production and Equipments, including Simulation and Measurement as well as Services.

All of the user industries are also described, with special emphasis on the automobile, aeronautic, aerospace, construction and sport industries. Among the most striking innovations: a 3D-printed electric car, a hybrid UAV wing core, biocomposite architectural panels and carbon tapes for cross-country skiing for such technological feats where composites are the key ingredient.


Recycling, sustainability and ecodesign: the main concerns of a changing industry

Additionally, the industry has achieved significant progress regarding any environmentally friendly issues. Therefore, a significant portion of innovations presented in the Innovation Report focus on innovations that aim to provide sustainable composite products, as well as, from end to end production, to design them sustainably and recycle them. Biocomposite materials based on wood fiber, organically sourced Epoxy resins and production processes that generate less waste such as surface smoothing or from recycling waste like carbon fiber waste constitute a set of innovations making composite a sector committed to sustainable development issues.

Thus, following the JEC Composites Innovation Awards, the JEC Innovation Report is a concentrate of innovations and a source of inspiration for all the players in the composites value chain.

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