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Composites Innovation on stage at the 9th JEC Asia International Composites Event

JEC Asia 2016
8 Nov 2016
The 9th annual session will make no exception in what makes JEC Asia so important for composites professionals in Asia Pacific: the showcase of the best current and future Composites Innovations during 3 days and through various program coupled with the best environment possible to make business in the Composites Industry.

“Asia remains the leading market for Composites in value and will keep on increasing. Indeed, while in 2015,  the Asian Composites market was worth USD 31.78 billion, i.e. 43% of the worldwide market, by 2030, Asia should account for 60% of worldwide composites production” says Mrs Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO.

“To support the growth of the Industry, JEC Asia strengthens and renews every year its services to the Asian Composites Professionals and this session will bring its share of novelties.” she adds.


Announcing the JEC Innovation Awards 2016 – Singapore winners

JEC Asia 2016 - Innovation Awards

With 11 prizes and 19 involved companies, the JEC Asia 2016 Innovation Awards reward excellence in the use of composite materials throughout the whole value chain. From Raw Materials to Design and Manufacturing, to industrial applications in widespread fields such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Construction and Oil & Gas and finally covering Non-destructive Testing and Recycling, this year’s projects offer a wide variety of innovation. The Asian-Pacific region is becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive with light-weighting once again finding itself at the center of many innovations, and thermoplastics playing an important part in reaching that goal.


First ever Startup Competition on JEC Asia

“For the first time in Asia we wanted to create convergence between actual market needs, industrial processes and innovative ideas through this new competition that will highlight the potential of promising startups in the industry. We are thrilled to partner with xC Consultants for this new competition”, states Christian Strassburger, JEC Asia Director.

A selection of startups will have a physical presence on a startup village on JEC Asia 2016 during the 3 days of the event and will be able to pitch their project in front of a jury of experts and network with composites professionals onsite.


6 conferences to cover Composites Developments and End-User markets

JEC Asia 2016 - Innovation in end-user markets
JEC Asia will also be the stage where more than 35 speakers will present papers about:
  • Carbon Fiber in Mass Production Vehicles
  • Software for Advanced Composite Design and Manufacturing
  • Easy Design Tools for Composite Structures
  • Testing and Life Cycle
  • Advances and Challenges in the Aeronautics Industry
  • Market Drivers in Off-shore Activities: Energy, Oil & Gas

More information:


11 Champions of composites materials receiving a JEC Innovation Award

RAW MATERIALS - National University of Singapore (SG) with partner University of Cambridge (UK)

Advanced Carbon Nanotube Fiber Composites from Aerogel Techniques


DESIGN - Revology (NZ) with partner D2 Design & Development (AU)

Bistrot Chair: 100% Organic Composite Materials and Biobased Resins

MANUFACTURING - Techni-Modul Engineering (FR) with partner Pascal Institute (FR)

Robotized Cell Creating a Preform Made Out of Dry Fiber Materials Without Operator Intervention


WIND ENERGY - Aditya Birla Chemicals (TH)

Instant Thixotropic Structural Epoxy Adhesive


AUTOMOTIVE - Daimler AG (DE) with partners Multimatic (CA), Carbon Nexus (AU) and IFB Stuttgart (DE)

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composite Rear Wall of Mercedes-Benz S-Class AMG

AERONAUTICS - National Aerospace Laboratories (IN)

Development of a 14 Seater Civil Aircraft: ‘SARAS', Integrating The Fuselage Bulkhead With The  Composite Dome


RAILWAY - Miyagi Kasei Co.,Ltd (JP) with partner Research Institute for chemical Process Technology (AIST) (JP)

An Innovative Transparent Composite for Trains With a New Flame Retardant Concept: EXVIEW


CONSTRUCTION - Republic Polytechnic (SG) and ETH Zürich/Singapore-ETH Centre (SG)

Maximizing Bonding Between Sustainable Bamboo Composite and Concrete


OIL & GAS - Technip (FR)

Durable and Light-weight Flexible Riser Reinforced with Carbon Fiber Composites for Extreme Environments of Offshore Oil and Gas Fields



Isotropy and Integrity Testing Solution for Recycled Carbon Fibers


RECYCLING - Toho Tenax Europe GmbH (DE) with partner Sintex NP Group (FR)

Closing the Loop for Tenax® Thermoplastic Composites