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Cyclitech is rolling along just fine! The first conference dedicated to composites in the bicycle industry

Cyclitech 2015
19 Apr 2016
On the 9th of December, JEC Group and the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) finished up two days of conferences and business networking on the use of composite materials in racing bicycles and on applying technology transfer to the design of consumer bicycles.

First Cyclitech in Brussels
First Cyclitech in Brussels
 “Our first collaboration with SPE came up with a programme of great quality that spans the entire value chain, with toplevel lecturers from Europe, Asia and Americas,” said JEC Group Secretary General Daniel Ageda, adding that “the 35 international lecturers and 170 participants from 25 countries included experts from the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Corima, Cervelo, KTM Technologies, Oxeon AB (TeXtreme), LOOK, BCOMP, All Head Composites, Time Sport International, e-Xstream, BikeLabs International, Altair, Rolo Bikes, and Progressiv Engineering”.


The first day was devoted to the latest design and innovation trends for new racing bicycles, with a focus on materials and manufacturing processes for high-performance bicycle frames and various components. On the second day, topics on safety and performance optimization were discussed, including a number of innovations to improve riding comfort through better wheel performance.


The journalist Max Glaskin from Cycling Science magazine coordinated these exchanges along with the panel discussion, which featured guest Jurgen Van de Walle, a professional racing cyclist from 1999 to 2013 who competed in the Tour de France (4 times), Giro d’Italia (3 times) First Cyclitech in Brussels and Vuelta a España (twice) bike tours. Panel members also included Rolo Bikes CEO and cofounder Adam Wais, UCI Technical Manager Mark Barfield, and Cervelo co-founder Phil White.


In view of the conference’s success and the enthusiasm of the media and the participants, Daniel Ageda and SPE CEO Willem De Vos have already announced a second session of Cyclitech in 2016, to be held in California’s San Francisco area. The UCI also confirmed that it would participate.