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The effervescence of JEC Asia reflects a very dynamic Asian market

JEC Asia 2013
2 Jul 2013
JEC Highlights Carbon, Aeronautics, Thermoplastics, Transportation, Bio based materials, MRO, Marine & Offshore and Wind Energy at the annual JEC Asia Composites Conference & Show in Singapore.

Singapore – The 6th edition of JEC Asia proved itself again as the leading event in Asia-Pacific for composites professionals to network and share knowledge. The important number of events, conferences and activities on the platform has animated the show over the three days.


“JEC Asia is a custom-made event for the Asia-Pacific region. It is meant to attract key players and professionally mingle quality people together. The content and the setting of the event are totally adapted to the local needs with a global organization.
The Asian market is a strategic market for the Composites industry. Indeed, in 2012, out of an estimated €83 billion global composites market, €29 billion is generated in Asia-Pacific, i.e. 36% of the market against 34% in America and 23% in Europe” said Frédérique Mutel, JEC’s president and chief executive officer. “In volume, 41% of the global composites production is done in Asia-Pacific versus 32% in Americas and 20% in Europe. This reflects the major place that holds the region in the worldwide market and the growing interest from local participant as well as visitors and exhibitors from western countries.”


JEC Asia 2013 thematics directly linked to regional needs

This year Innovative Composites Summit topics were dealing with issues, developments and Innovations that directly concern the Asian markets. The Aeronautics conference, with full audience, brought up composites “from the design to the maintenance of the aircraft” whereas the Carbon Conference dealt with “Advancements in the industry and various applications”. Other papers such as “green projects in Composites” or “the rise of composites in Wind Energy” have also attracted delegates from many countries in spite of the unprecedented air conditions in Singapore due to the Haze.


First Successful partnership between JEC Asia and TUM Asia

The commonly organized conferences have brought complementarity in the content presented. For the first time, a Marine Offshore and Oil & Gas conference has been presented to the audience along with a Thermoplastics/Transportation conference. “This partnership brings more added-value to this growing market”, adds Mrs Mutel.


Celebrating Innovation in every corner of the event

The Innovation Awards Program presented 16 trophies to advanced innovations along with a Life Achievement and a student Award. The ceremony was honored by the presence of no less than 9 Ambassadors or High Commissioners representatives: Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey. Mrs Krithika Tyagarajan, Senior Director at Frost & Sullivan, gave an insightful opening speech about Global Mega Trends and Drivers for Aviation Composites. The traditional ‘koto’ harps opened the ceremony as Japan was the country of honor this year.

Concurrently, in the technical posters area, 40 posters presenting the breaking innovations and know-how that enable the composites materials industry to progress daily were exposed to the public and live demos took place on the exhibition floor.

The Innovation Showcase displayed 18 innovative parts from a Yike Bike to a Helicopter door in Blow molding Technology, so much that JEC Asia looked like a composites museum.


Business, Announcements and Contracts

JEC Asia shined again with the quality of its visitors as 70% of the participants declared themselves to be top manager and decision makers. The Business Meetings program, a service of prearranged meeting between Buyers and exhibitors, was at full capacity as more than 230 meetings have been organized over the 3 days.
This year Composites Tour brought JEC delegation to Admiralty, a fiberglass and carbon fiber shipbuilding company in Singapore.
JEC Asia 2013 was also the stage where VCAMM Limited (Australia) and MAI Carbon Leading Edge Cluster (Germany) signed a M.O.U., officializing their collaboration in common researches that will help industry participants and research centers in the field of carbon fiber manufacturing research and development.


Opening of JEC Asia office in Singapore

This year event was the perfect occasion for JEC Group to officially launch its new offices with permanent staff in Singapore. The dedicated team on site “will be better able to understand local market expectations, develop synergies and partnerships and better support the promotion of composites on the Asia Pacific markets” says Mrs Mutel.


2 new publications by JEC

JEC also launched 2 new books on JEC Asia:

  • “Key stakes for Composites Materials in the Aeronautics industry in the next decade”
  • “The Challenging World of composites”, a book on the history and the future of composite materials
    The books are available for purchase on JEC Group’s bookstore.


Key Figures on JEC Asia 2013

- 49 countries represented
- 300+ participating companies
- 50 scientific and industrial delegations
- 10 Thematics
- 90 papers (presentations and posters)
- 16 Innovation Awards
- 5,200 visits


Top ten visiting countries

1- Singapore
2- China
3- Malaysia
4- Republic of Korea
5- Japan
6- France
7- Indonesia
8- Germany
9- Taiwan
10- India