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The end-user at the center of JEC World with 4 new "planets"

JEC World 2016
25 Feb 2016
The JEC World exhibition that reaches in 2016 the unequalled surface of 62,000 sqm will introduce, for the first time, four new display areas totaling more than 1,800 sqm. The so-called Planets will feature innovative and iconic parts, final products, and some of the 2016 JEC Innovation Awards recipients.

End-users at the core of the planets


For the first time, JEC group will launch its “Planets”, four of them on JEC World, dedicated to Automotive, Aeronautics, Sports and Sustainability. In these areas will be displayed innovative parts and solutions that the composites have to offer to these specific industries. The companies that are exhibiting their Innovations on the planets will also present to the crowd their products, which will favor networking on these areas.


JEC World is now targeting end-users. They are the decisive customers. To these non-specialists, the composites concept may seem abstract and our challenge is to make composites understandable. A more accessible presentation of what can be done with composites will be presented during JEC World 2016. It will enable any professional looking for eco-friendly products to compare and adopt composites solutions. We wish to show the final market the composites innovations that bring disruptive changes in design and usage.” says Mrs Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO.


JEC World 2016

  • 37,000 attendance (fig. 2015)
  • 62,000 sqm
  • 1,300+ Exhibitors
  • 10+ sessions of Conferences
  • 100 countries
  • JEC Innovation Awards
  • 600+ B2B Meetings
  • 4 Planets

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