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"Flax and Hemp fibres: a natural solution for the composite industry": co-publication JEC Group/CELC

JEC Europe 2012
19 Mar 2012
The CELC Technical Section presents the first scientific publication on Flax and Hemp reinforcements: “Flax and Hemp fibres: a natural solution for the composite industry” co-published with the JEC Group

The industrial sectors that use non-renewable fibres have undertaken an eco-design initiative. Having the structure to meet this new industrial need, the CELC Technical Section collaborated with its European scientific committee CSE to produce the first scientific work on natural fibre composite solutions, “Flax and Hemp fibres: a natural solution for the composite industry”.

The book is co-published with JEC Group, a leader in the composite sector, and will be unveiled at the JEC Composite Show & Conferences (27-29 March).

This new technical publication is the result of several years of research by the CELC’s European Scientific Committee - CSE, backed up by the organised production/distribution chain and increasingly productive R&D efforts. It promotes the choice of flax and hemp fibres within the framework of an effective eco-design initiative and calls attention to the importance of an open-innovation approach to meet the needs of the industry over the medium and long term.


“FLAX AND HEMP FIBRES: A NATURAL SOLUTION FOR THE COMPOSITE INDUSTRY”, a long-awaited publication for the whole value chain


This new English-language reference work (200 pages), studies the mechanical and specific properties of the flax and hemp used in polymer reinforcement and assesses their major environmental advantages. The objective: help advance knowledge on fibres and preforms (UDs, fabrics, non crimp fabrics, mats, prepregs, compounds, etc.) and win over new industrial segments.

The studies are put into perspective with analyses of converting and manufacturing processes. Therefore, the publication is dedicated not only to R&D engineers who use fibres, but also to the entire composite industrial chain. It contributes a detailed review of and line of thinking on:

  • the state of the art on natural flax and hemp fibres (identification of the complex structures);
  • analysis of the mechanical performance of natural fibre reinforced composite materials (e.g. variation of specific properties as a function of the fibre processing method used, controlling biodegradability);
  • assessment of the suitability of the different types of flax and hemp reinforcement for processing as a function of the specific processes used (UDs, fabrics, non crimp fabrics, mats, prepregs, compounds, etc.);
  • organizing a production/distribution chain to meet industry needs over the medium and long term;
  • developing industrial technologies for converting plant fibres into preforms that meet the requirements of the composite industry;
  • the scope of effective uses and the prospects for potential industrial applications


For sale in the JEC Europe Publications Store (stand M15) at a 20% “launch” discount, then available at JEC’s online store on March 29th ( at the retail price of €80.57 exclusive of tax.


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