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I.C.S. (Innovative Composites Summit): forums and conferences for composites challenges

JEC Europe 2012
22 Feb 2012
Growth Opportunities in Global Composites IndustryJEC has announced that the agenda has been set for the 2012 I.C.S., which will take place next March 27 – 29 at Porte de Versailles, Paris.

JEC Europe I.C.S. program provides a comprehensive approach to technical information about new advances in composite materials, to better prepare for the future. For the past ten years, JEC has been investing massively through our worldwide I.C.S. conferences, forums and workshops (Europe/Paris, Asia-Pacific/Singapore, Americas/Boston) to provide business intelligence and high-added-value economic, technical and legal content to help the composite community gain access to a wealth of learning resources for the exchange of experience and first-hand information.


All year long, JEC in-house and external experts investigate the best knowledge and innovations worldwide to help the industry promote the use of composite solutions. Thanks to JEC global network of 250,000 professionals, the best speakers for each topic or sectorial concern has been chosen. Blue-ribbon lecturer panels of innovative end-users and experts in research, design, engineering and manufacturing present case stories on subjects that are of prime interest and importance for the industry.


In addition to 2 strategy and Technical Conferences and 3 Cross-industry Forums, 6 Sectorial Forums will mainly develop new thermoplastic-based materials which bring opportunities for weight savings, repairing, recycling in many industrial sectors comparable to metal and plastic injected parts. Then some of the key issues such as the cost, safety, fire resistance and damages tolerance, especially on Construction & Building, Transportation and Marine forums. Indeed, the automotive industry is looking at alternative concept cars and ways to reduce raw material consumption, carbon footprint and to obtain longer range mostly for electrical vehicles. To satisfy the constant demand, aeronautical manufacturers should inspire from automotive production rates and reduce manufacturing costs face to ramp up of new programs in a near future.


The 2012 I.C.S. program in Paris will explore all application sectors. This year, two brand new auditoriums have been designed to allow more delegates from Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas to attend the numerous conferences and forums.


These conferences and forums will gather more than seventy speakers from 15 different countries, such as:
Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Audi AG, BMW Group et Lamborghini in the automotive sector, Owens Corning, Gurit, MVC Componentes Plasticos LTDA, Fidia, Ifremer, HDS Design, Saertex GMBH & Co., Finot Group, Sora Composites Group, Magias LLC, Chomarat, MAG IAS LLC, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Formax Ltd, Umeco, Laser Zentrum Hannover, SGL Carbone, STRUCTeam Ltd, CETIM, EADS, Areva, Steinbichler Optotechnik, Airbus, SNCF, Advanced Composites Group, Creactive Design, CREPIM, Walter Mäder, ABMACO, Siemens, CirComp, Comfil, Fibroline, IVWPromolding BV, KVE Composites Group, Röchling Automotive, Boeing, Aerotec, AeroSystems, Safran-SNECMA, Hexcel, Gamesa, Dow Chemical, 3M, Vestas Mediterranean, Connectra Global KB, Automated Dynamics, KUKA Roboter …


Free access for journalists to all conferences and forums



The I.C.S. 3 days eventful program comprises 12 conferences and forums


Tuesday March 27

CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING FORUM - The adoption of composite technology: Stretch the imagination to construct a reality (10:30am / 1:00 pm)
MARINE FORUM - Increasing performances & requirements of composite structure & materials (10:30am / 1:00 pm)
COMPOSITES DESIGN FORUM - Innovations to increase toughness and reliability of composites
(2:30pm / 5:00pm)
AUTOMOTIVE FORUM - Composite materials: The solution for a large scale production (2:30pm / 5:00pm)


Wednesday March 28

CARBON FORUM - Technological developments in the production and application of CFRP
(10:30am / 1:00 pm)
NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING CONFERENCE - New imaging and monitoring techniques for quality assessment of composites (10:30am / 1:00 pm)
RAILWAY FORUM - A new trend with composites: Weight reduction & fire protection efficiency (2:30pm / 5:00pm)
MULTIFUNCTIONNAL COMPOSITES FORUM– Multi functionality of FRP (2:30pm / 5:00pm)


Thursday March 29

ECO ADVANTAGE COMPOSITES FORUM - Green opportunities with thermoplastic composites (10:30am / 1:00 pm)
AERONAUTICS FORUM - New challenges & opportunities in the aerospace industry (10:30am / 1:00 pm)
WIND ENERGY FORUM - Wind Turbine Blades: Design, construction and environmental effects
(2:30pm / 5:00pm)
AUTOMATION FORUM - Reduce cost, increase throughput and reduce scrap in composite part manufacturing (2:30pm / 5:00pm)


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