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ICS Press Release (1st International Composites Summit)

10 Feb 2011
JEC Composites Group to launch inaugural the 1st  International Composites Summit (I.C.S.) in Singapore in 2010.

JEC Composites Group has announced that the first ever International  Composites Summit (ICS) will be held in Singapore on 12-14 October, in conjunction with the JEC Show Asia 2010.
A key milestone for the highly successful JEC Show Asia, which will be on its third year running this year, the ICS is a three-day program comprising eight technical conferences and forums that will explore the latest breakthrough innovations across different application sectors in the composites industry – aviation and aeronautics, energy and environment, automotives and mass transportation, and construction and infrastructure sectors.
The wide ranging agenda of the Summit further reinforces JEC Show Asia as the leading composites platform in the Asia Pacific region.

“One of JEC’s missions is to inform, educate and promote composites solutions worldwide with a full range of seminars, conferences, forums, technical sales presentation and workshops,” says JEC President and CEO Frederique Mutel. “This process of information sharing will be especially beneficial for the composites market in Asia, where there is a strong and rapidly growing demand for leading-edge composite applications across a broad spectrum of industries. The inauguration of ICS this year is an important milestone for JEC Show Asia.”

Sustainable growth for composites in Asia

With the fast pace of growth in Asia, there is a strong demand for leading-edge composite applications across all industries. The composites market in Asia is expected to more than double by 2015 and it will make up about half of global consumption.
“The challenge for the Asian composite industry is to improve productivity, achieve cost reduction with higher product quality, while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing,” Mutel says. “The ICS program will further boost our efforts to unveil new composite applications and trends in Asia, and to actively encourage dialogue between the industry and key end users at JEC Show Asia 2010.”

Conferences and forums focused on composites innovations

The first ICS 2010 program is based on application case studies and expert presentations by internationally renowned industry specialists who are highly experienced in research, design, engineering and manufacturing. The conferences and forums will bring together about 100 papers and will feature speakers from major companies; universities and research centers; leading composites and other industry associations.

Key highlights of the ICS 2010 program include:

  • Economic Conference
  • Technical Conference
  • Cross-industry Forum
  • Legal Conference
  • Wind Energy and Environment Forum
  • Aeronautics Forum
  • Automotive and Transportation Forum
  • Construction and Infrastructure Forum