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JEC Americas 2015: Many Novelties and a 20% increase in Manufacturing & Equipment Exhibitors

JEC Forums Houston 2015
7 May 2015
JEC Group, announces more details about JEC Americas Composites Show & Conferences, the event representing Composites Manufacturing, which brings together Science & Industry from both North and South America.

JEC Americas is THE major event for Composites Manufacturing

Our competitive advantage is that JEC Americas gathers the stakeholders of the Composites Industry who bring the solutions to big series manufacturing. Solving the challenges of automation for the US market is crucial. The industry needs processes, equipment & tools to face the next step: composites mass production, ” says Mrs. Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO. “Indeed, 60% of the JEC Americas 2015 exhibitors provide innovative solutions for manufacturing of Composites such as equipment, software, tooling, and robots,” added Mr. Mutel.


Innovation in Mass Production will also be represented by the Shelby car; Presented by JEC Group and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) a 3D-printed Shelby will be featured in the Innovation Corner on the show floor. The Shelby was printed at the Department of Energy's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL using the BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) machine and is intended as a "plug-n-play" laboratory on wheels. The Shelby was printed using 20% carbon fiber reinforced ABS material and has a Class A surface finish. “We are very proud to be the first American Composites show to showcase this Innovative vehicle that is very promising for the future of manufacturing in the US and in the world,”stated Peter Zezima, JEC Americas Sales Director.


In addition, the latest industry trends will be highlighted in two separate keynote addresses. Ron Garan, former NASA astronaut, delivers the opening day keynote on June 2, and Byron Pipes, Director of Design and Simulation Technology Area, Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation John Bray Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Purdue University, will speak on June 3rd.


Virtuous circle that raises the Composites Industry

The Composites Industry is growing fast (+5% p.a.), made possible by the close relationship of the Golden triangle comprised of Government, Industry and Research, together with Material Sciences and Engineering. JEC Group President & CEO, Frédérique Mutel, points out that, “These models of virtuous circles applied by JEC in Europe, Asia and America have proven to be positive and fruitful for all participant”. Successful ventures have emerged from various JEC programs, as JEC Group puts every effort in to bringing together Academics/Researchers and Industrialists, such as the C-Ply composite concept by Professor Tsai from Stanford University and developed by CHOMARAT in a cooperation which began on a 2011 JEC platform. JEC fosters these alliances throughout the year and across the globe. In Houston, several participants including Stanford University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of British Columbia, Tianjing Polytechnic University, TUM, the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI), Purdue University will participate at the Conferences and the Education & Skills village.


The global crossroad of Composites professionals will be in Houston

JEC Americas will also witness the growing exchanges between North and South America. Business flows between these 2 regions are accelerating for Composites and the Houston event will benefit from this dynamism. Featuring the South American Pavilion organized by ALMACO, the Latin American Composite Materials Association will bring participants from Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Columbia. They will showcase the often unrecognized assets of Latin America for Composites as well as promote their co-organized event with JEC Group : COMPOCITY in Sao Paulo next November 4-7, 201.5


Co-location of 2 Successful Shows Techtextil and JEC Americas

On the side of Techtextil North America 2015, the show has exceeded pre-show expectations. “The co-hosting has resulted in creating an unparalleled event thereby creating the largest technical textiles, nonwovens, geosynthetics and composites trade show in the US this year,” Representatives of Techtextil North America noted.


If you are interested in exhibiting or would like to learn more about JEC Americas in Houston, please contact Peter Zezima


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