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JEC Asia 2011 mirrors the burgeoning Asian composites market

JEC Asia 2011
24 Oct 2011
JEC Asia 2011 achieves new highs with a larger offer of new materials, a wider range of composite applications and a stronger international presence.

Singapore, 21 october 2011 - JEC Asia 2011 closed its annual session on a vigorous demonstration of the buoyant outlook for the composites industry in Asia currently valued at S$ 31.7 billion (Singapore dollars), US$ 24.8 billion or Euros 18 billion. The three days of conferences and exhibition saw deals and announcements reflecting the dynamism of a market that could represent 51% of the worldwide market in 2015.


A larger offer of new materials

“Composites research budgets, either academic or industrial are expanding at rates substantially higher than before, says Mrs Frederique Mutel, President & CEO of JEC Group. The composites sector is forging a bright future with sustainable innovations that were showcased at JEC Asia”. She adds: “We were impressed by the novelties in the field of advanced specialty resins, glass fiber and carbon fiber applied to significant markets. For instance, nanocomposites in energy storage devices for electric cars.”


A wider use of composites products in different markets

“We noted innovative building solutions for infrastructures and construction responding to the huge local needs. For instance, Japan exhibited an emergency house that can be set up in 60 minutes by 4 people in case of tsunami or floodings. Windmills suppliers proposed new high technologies or biobased solutions like bamboo integrated wind blades.  Related to this, we can underline that two major wind energy companies recently opened research centers in Singapore.”


A stronger international presence

“Considering the remarkable growth trajectory of JEC Asia with larger booths and new exhibitors from North America, Europe, Russia, Middle-East, South Korea and Indonesia, we are committed to delivering another iconic and strategic event next year in Suntec Singapore 26-28 June 2012.”


Facts & Figures

JEC Asia 2011: Innovation was the highlight

JEC Asia 2011: Innovation was the highlight


  • 60 represented countries
  • 50 scientific and industrial delegations welcomed during the 3 days of the event
  • New represented countries: Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Russia, Turkey, USA
  • 800 delegates attended the forums and conferences (I.C.S.: Innovative Composites Summit), with a total of 100 papers and presentations
  • 3 new « Business meetings » programs dedicated to the Asian-Pacific stakeholders from Aeronautics, Automotive and Wind Energy. 120 of the most representative companies registered their top buyers
  • 345 participating companies, with a +10% increase of the size of their booths and exhibition vs 2010
  • 7,000 visitors, 120 stakeholder companies, 800 delegates for the 2011 JEC Asia session