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JEC Asia 2019: 10 Startup Booster finalists revealed

11 Oct 2019
Since 2017, JEC Startup Booster has recognised the most dynamic international start-ups, offering new composites innovations and solutions. The programme provides those competing with an opportunity to meet and pitch their projects to relevant investors, industry leaders, and other key influencers.



  • 2nd round of Startup Booster World tour

  • 67 applications received

  • 26 countries

  • 6 jury members


Since 2017, JEC Startup Booster has recognised the most dynamic international start-ups, offering new composites innovations and solutions. The programme provides those competing with an opportunity to meet and pitch their projects to relevant investors, industry leaders, and other key influencers.

For the 2nd stop of JEC Startup Booster worldwide Tour in 2019, JEC Asia will also give the floor to ten international and regional startups. Each one will have five minutes to pitch their innovation in front of a jury of experts of the composites industry including:

  • Chi-Hoon CHOI, Research Fellow, Polymer Research Lab, Hyundai Motor Group
  • Sung Kyu HA, Professor and Head of Center for Structures & Composites, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University
  • Ellen YE, Investment Director Asia-Pacific, Solvay Ventures
  • Henry SHIN, Director, Kolon Composites Innovation Center
  • Young Chul CHOI, Head Director Ph.D, International Carbon Research Center, KCTECH
  • Dongki LEE, Executive Managing Director, Innovation & Startup Group, Korea International Trade Association (KITA)

Our partners KITA and KOLON sponsor this 2nd round of the competition.

Save the date on November 14, 2019
Pitching sessions : 9:30 am – 11:30 am on the Innovation Stage (Hall D1 - Level 3)
Awards Ceremony: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm at the Startup Branch 2F (Level 2)

The 10 Startup Finalists


Anisoprint (Russia)
Anisoprint has developed the technology for the design and production of optimal composite structures through the new way of continuous fiber 3D printing — Composite Fiber Co-extrusion. They have produced 3D printers, materials (carbon, basalt), and software for manufacturing anisoprinted composite parts: stronger, lighter and cheaper than metal or non-optimized composites.
Dou Y's Chem
Dou Ys’ Chem (South Korea)
Founded in 2018, Dou Ys’ Chem Co., Ltd. has developed unique dispersion technologies of several nanomaterials, to yield optimal performances. Dou Ys’ is pronounced “Doo-wise” and means the duo of Y’s (the co-founders). Their main business revolves around quantum dots and cellulose nanofiber.
Graphy (South Korea)
Graphy Inc. specialises in 3D printing based technology, which is an essential element of the 4th industrial revolution as well as new material and medical convergence technology. They have developed and manufactured 3D printing new materials (photocurable resin) S Plastic, Tera Harz. In particular, we export our materials all over the world selected by the world's largest chemical company as an official partner in the 3D printer material business. They have already signed NDA and supply contracts with leading companies in the world and aim to be the world's largest company in the material business.
Imagine Intelligent Materials
Imagine Intelligent Materials (Australia)
Imagine envisions a world where every surface is the industrial equivalent of skin. Our sensing solutions deliver valuable data from large surface areas in buildings, infrastructure, and logistics and manufactured at scale. These integrate Imagine’s proprietary conductive graphene with Imagine’s signals processing expertise in hardware and software.
MIGHTYM (South Korea)
MIGHTYM is a startup specialized in manufacturing CFRP based on industrial design. By designing precisely with 3D modeling and 3D printing, we are producing CFRP products with our own technology. They have successfully commercialized our technology by designing and manufacturing motorcycle CFRP products and luxury CFRP bags
NODIS Smart Glass (Singapore)
Nodis provides the technology to transform windows. Nodis was founded in 2015 to change how sunlight is used in lighting and heating buildings and creating comfortable, energy-efficient environments. Nodis’ TruTint smart glass technology is transforming windows, giving people the ability to change the tint, color, and temperature characteristics of windows instantly. Buildings consume 40% of a city’s energy and generate 45% of its Co2 emissions. The result: TruTint windows reduce electricity usage and GHG emissions by 40% and energy costs in a large building by $1M per year.
PiQuant (South Korea)
PiQuant makes component detecting sensors and devices using light. The sensors can measure any substances up to a molecular unit regardless of the form of solid, liquid, and even gas. The strong point is non-contact and non-destructive, so the target does not need to be damaged. Most of all, it is small and affordable enough so that anyone can use it anytime and anywhere. Piquant dreams of a world where everyone does quantitative analysis with spectroscopic sensor in their everyday lives
Plyable (UK)
Lightweight composite solutions are enablers for future mobility. Plyable allow its customers to go from CAD to component automatically. The have used the latest in AI and machine learning technology to create a proprietary software that automates the design and manufacture of composite tooling. All the user needs to do is drag and drop component CAD data onto the website.
ST Advanced Composites
ST Advanced Composites (India)
ST Advanced Composites Pvt Ltd (STAC) is an Indian start-up focused on composite product development in terms of performance and innovative technologies. With the team-wide knowledge and skills in the field of composites, STAC is a full-service composites manufacturer providing engineered composite products for various industries. Currently, this company has a broad knowledge of developing advanced and hybrid composites materials products and has reached nationwide with the quality of their products.
Uderive (South Korea)
UDerive studied how to produce new composites in a new way consistently as UDNANO. Meaningful products which can reduce the consumption of existing resources and save energy was our goal. This effort led to new raw materials, composites, and products.

Save the date for the Final Competition
@JEC World 2020, March 3-5 2020
Paris-Nord Villepinte – France

Call for entries is now opened



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