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JEC Europe 2012 report

JEC Europe 2012
3 Apr 2012
JEC consolidates its leadership - Composites on the road to mass production

“Europe can be proud of its leading position in the global market in terms of composite products manufacturing. Technologically, the continent occupies top slot in the sector, and the dimensions of JEC Europe 2012 reflected this leading role”, says JEC Group President and CEO Frédérique Mutel.

This year’s show brought together 1,181 participating companies and occupied an unprecedented surface area of 50,000 m² (538,195 sq. ft., or 8 times the size of a football pitch!), which is five times bigger than any other composite exhibition in the world.

In 2012, attendance increased once again, with a total of 32,256 visitors, as compared to 29,867 in 2011, testifying to the appeal of this platform for the composite market.


Automation as a core concern in the composite sector

In Europe, every effort is being channelled into the automation of production. It is also a key challenge for the global composite industry. As Frédérique Mutel explains: ”52% of the composite patents filed in Europe for the period 2010-2011 concerned 'process' innovations. This proportion is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. In the USA and Japan, the equivalent proportion is 23% and 16% respectively. We are well on track to ensuring the satisfaction of today's worldwide mass production needs.”


End users are looking for sector-specific composite solutions

JEC situates itself at the crossroads of industry and the end market, and with its 10-year track record in pursuing this strategy, it continues to attract more and more buyers. One out of every two visitors is a user seeking solutions for aeronautical, marine, automotive, construction, infrastructure, energy or sports & leisure applications.


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