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JEC Group actively supports future generations

JEC Asia 2013
20 May 2013

In its mission to develop and foster Knowledge Transfer and Networking serving the entire composites value chain from Academics to End-Users, JEC Group has developed products and services for the benefit of Students and Universities around the globe such as:

  • Creation of the JEC Students Award for Asia (the first competition will be launched on JEC Asia next June 25-27, 2013).
  • Dedicated initiatives for Student:
    • Job Centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas
    • Long-lasting partnerships with Universities allowing them to present their research during JEC conferences, participate with a booth and present their Technical Posters on JEC events, etc.
    • Free JEC Composites Magazine Subscription
    • Composites Tours and sites visits
    • Free access badges to all three JEC platforms (Paris, Singapore, Boston)
    • Complimentary transportation for students delegations to visit JEC events such as, for example, a shuttle from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to Singapore Suntec Center in 2012
    • 50% discount on every I.C.S. Conferences
    • Up to 30% discount on JEC Publications
  • A long-term tradition:
    • Mentor for High Schools Graduates (JEC Group President & CEO, Mrs. Frédérique Mutel, sponsor of the Compositec 2008 class)
    • JEC Sampe Environmental Award

JEC Group presented the idea of creating an Environment Students Award to the Society for Advanced Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE) in 2008. Since then, JEC donates a yearly grant of €7,500 to the program for the purpose of organizing the competition. The award-winner’s research works are published in JEC Group’s Media.


Past Winners:

2008: James Palmer, University of Exeter, UK

2009: Antoine Le Duigou, University of South Brittany, France

2010: Eduardo Trujillo, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

2011: Dirk Lukaszewicz, Bristol University, UK

2012: Darshil Shah, University of Nottingham. The student’s project was on PFC Plant fiber Composites for SWT Small Wind Turbines.

2013: Elena Tikhonova, Technological Institute FCBA (Forêt Cellulose Bois-construction Ameublement), France. The « Boosteff » project (Boost Efficiency) was on developing new wood composites fibers by using technologies applied by the Paper Industry.



“I would like to thank the JEC Group and especially its President and CEO Mrs. Frederique Mutel who has supported me so far in my career. I graduated from COMPOSITEC School in Le Bourget du Lac – France in 2008, the year where Mrs. Mutel and Mr. Lissac were the mentors who guided us into our working lifes.

Mrs. Mutel encouraged me to combine my composites skills with a Masters Diploma in Business, then continued to assist me with my internship and subsequent jobs after that.


Today, thanks to my previous experiences, I am the Project Manager at RocTool.  On a daily basis, I combine Science and Business in order to develop our innovative induction heating technologies.

I would say the greatest career opportunities in life are a mix of luck, skills and a good mentor & protégé relationship; therefore I would like to thank the JEC Group for taking part of my professional journey."


Joseph TARDY - Project Manager