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JEC Group and ALMACO enter into partnership to promote Compocity 2015

JEC Group
29 Jan 2015
Composites city will be open to visitors from November 4-7, in São Paulo, Brazil

The Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) and the French company JEC Group, the largest global organization specialized in the promotion of composites – which organizes, for instance, JEC Europe, the main fair in the sector – entered into an agreement to promote Compocity 2015, the composites city that will be built at the Expo Transamerica, in São Paulo, and will be open to visitors from November 4 to 7, 2015.


Frédérique MUTEL, JEC Group President & CEO, and Gilmar LIMA, President of ALMACO
Frédérique MUTEL, JEC Group President & CEO, and Gilmar LIMA, President of ALMACO
 According to Gilmar LIMA, President of ALMACO, the alliance with JEC Group will increase the quality and the credibility of Compocity. “The partnership includes an action hitherto regional in the calendar of the global composites industry”, he said. The first edition of the composites city took place in 2012, also in São Paulo, and relied on the participation of 15,000 people.


According to Frédérique MUTEL, JEC Group President & CEO, the decision to enter into the agreement with ALMACO was based on three points. “First, our primary mission is to promote composites solutions and, as a result, expand the market. With Compocity, we will contribute to doing it in Latin America. Second, ALMACO and JEC share the same principle of adding value to this sector. And the third reason is that the two entities are focused on the end user and therefore have a common ambition to provide excellent content to consumers of composites,” she explained.


In the agreement between ALMACO and JEC Group, it was agreed that ALMACO will be responsible for the practical aspects involving the construction of Compocity, as well as for promoting the parallel events, such as the Top of Mind, the main award of the Brazilian composites sector. In turn, the International Seminar on Composites will be organized by JEC Group. “The lectures will cover topics such as lightweight structures, carbon democratization, thermoplastic composites and mass production,” said Frédérique MUTEL. The disclosure of the event will be the responsibility of both.


Compocity 2012 generated a turnover of US$ 600 million

A new concept of trade fair, Compocity was created by ALMACO to show the versatility of composites. By building an entire city with the material, the association showed that this type of high performance plastic can be transformed into solutions for all segments, from infrastructure and energy to transportation, housing and leisure. In the first edition, Compocity generated a turnover of US$ 600 million in business. “Despite the economic difficulties faced by Brazil, the expectation with this year’s event is to generate a result next to US$ 800 million,” estimated the president of ALMACO. At Compocity 2015, visitors will be able to check out live the manufacture of composite parts and the operation of a recycling unit.