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10 Feb 2011
14 COMPANIES REWARDED FOR THEIR COMPOSITE INNOVATIONSJEC Composites is announcing the new winners of the JEC Innovation Awards Programme 2011.

“The composites industry is moving fast,” says Mrs Frédérique Mutel, JEC President
and CEO. She comments: “Innovation is strong in four sectors. First, in environmental-friendly fully recyclable materials.Then, in advanced mould tooling.
The third sector is civil engineering with a large number of new infrastructures especially in Asia or South America. Finally in automotive, with the increasing use of composites due to the need for lightness in new cars to compensate for the increased weight of electronic equipment or batteries“. She adds: : “As we received numerous entries on these subjects, we had to create four additional categories that were not existing last year: Thermoplastics, Equipment, Civil Engineering and Automotive “.

This year, 14 companies and their partners will receive awards at the JEC Composites Show (March 29-31, 2011). The programme was created in 1998 with the goal of promoting innovation. Each year, a jury of renowned inte ernational experts chooses the best composite innovations, based on their technical interest, market potential, partnership, financial impact and originality. Read through the trade description to discover the fourteen winners. The 2011 JEC Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday March 29th at 5:00 pm on the JEC S Show and will be open to all visitors.

The 2011 Innovation Awards competition is supported actively by UMECO Composites (Official Partner) and Huntsman Advanced Mat terials (Platinum sponsor). This year stands out for the increase in the number off applications (63 applications and 45 finalists s) and the worldwide participation (20 diffferent countries in Europe, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific region). Trends and observations worth taking note of in the 2011 Innovation program are the following:


Lighter, cheaper, safer and environment-friendly

On the materials side, wwe see more and more Eco-solutio ons due to their environmental benefits suc ch as safe and eco-friendly intumescent resin and gelcoat meeting the highest fire rrating standard, corrosion-resistant viny ylester resin with European approvals suita able for food contact and drinking water treatment applications.

Complex and 100% recyclable thermoplastic structures are gaining ground in the
composite market while the e bio-based materials keep on penetratin ng the automotive,
construction, sports and leisure industries combining excelle ent thermal and
mechanical properties.

Integrated composites structures, designed and manufactured in a shot process

In aerospace, you will disco over the next generation of integrated composites aerostructures:
doors with aadvanced stitched performs, one-shot fuselage/airframe barrels for helicopters, and main landing gear fittings with ultra thick laminates. In Construction, the manufacture of sheeting lengths up to 22 meters with almost invisible joints coupled wwith the inherent qualities and finish of the composite materials significantly helped reducing costs and construction times. .

Fast production, fast installation, automation and mass production...

Increased production rates, for Aerospace, Automotive and Wind Energy is pressuring manufacturers to automate 100% of their processes: You will read about a revolutionary and 100 % fully-automated solution for blades production, a fully-automatic continuous process to produce stable curved preforrms, a new direct compounding technology for producing semi-finished SMC par rts, cost-effective means for processing lighT weight thermoplastic advanced composite components and also a fully automat ted braiding-based RTM process and new fibre-patch performing.
Combining multiple processes in a single step to produce continuous-fibrereinforced
thermoplastic composites is also an energy-efficient, highly-automated manufacturing process that t provides real economic advantages to manufacturers.

Finally, the potential of composites materials for tooling is enormous. The global market is £1,238 m million, of which 10 to 30% maximum is carbon or glass. Taking the 787 Dreamliner aircraft as an example, 1,000 very large tools (over 7 m²) are required. A new innovation combines a hard, durable metalllic coating with a lightweight composite mould tool to deliver a durable and cost effective solution.


• Category: Materials --Winner: Cray Valley (France)
Intumescent resin and gelcoat meeting the highest fire railway standard

• Category: Bio-based  Materials -Winner: Innobat (France)
A bio-sourced composite material for window frames

• Category: Thermoplastics -Winner: Cutting Dynamics, Inc. (CDDI) (USA)
Thermoplastic seatbacks for the aerospace industry

• Category: Equipment -Winner: Advanced Composites Group Ltd. (UK)
Carbovar technology for composite mould tools

• Category: Automation -Winner: Brötje-Automation GmbH (Germany)
A fully-automatic machine to produce curved preforms in aircraft structures s

• Category: Process -Winner: Sigmatex (UK)
A novel offset weaving method to create a 3D woven generic nodal structure

• Category: Applications/ Aeronautics -Winner: Latécoère (Fra nce)
An innovative aircraft structure with advanced stitched preforms using an  RTM process

• Category: Applications/ Automotive -Winner: Jacob Plastics GmbH (Germany)
FIT Hybrid: a process for the production of composites hollow structures

• Category: Construction -Winner: 3B Fibreglass (Belgium)
Inner lining for the covering surface for the new Sheraton Hotel at the Mila an Malpensa Airport

• Category: Civil Engineering -Winner: Acciona Infraestructuras S.A (Spain)
A composite bridge beam

• Category: Applications/ Sports and Leisure -Winner: NRG Wh heels Ltd (UK)
New carbon/ magnesium wheels for and high-performance vehicles

• Category: Transportation -Winner: Roelofs Kipperbouw BV ( Netherlands)
A Composite tipper

• Category: Wind Energy -Winner: GAMESA Innovation & Technology (Spain)
A new blade technology with a revolutionary, 100%-automated manufacturing process

• Category: Special JEC Magazine Price -Winner: MVC Componentes Plasticos
LTDA (Brazil)
Inner lining for the covering surface of the new passenger terminal at the Carrasco
International Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay