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JEC Observer: Overview of the Global Composites Market

12 Feb 2020
The new edition of JEC Observer, the annual barometer of the global composites market, called “Overview of the global composites market in 2019-2024” will be launched at JEC World 2020. This exhaustive market study puts into perspective the main trends of the composites industry.

A global view of the composites industry all over the world

This new edition of the JEC Observer includes an exhaustive presentation of the global composites market in 2019. This barometer, which is a true reference in the industry, presents an overview of key players, leaders and the main trends in each sector. JEC Observer also offers an overall view of the main markets related to composites. Lastly, this barometer lists the latest developments concerning additive manufacturing and recycling, which are essential processes in the composites value chain.

In JEC Observer, we will mainly learn that:

  • In 2019, the global composites market reached a volume of 17.7 megatons with a value of 86 billion dollars.
  • In practically all regions of the world and all areas of application, composites markets are on the rise whether in volume or in value.
  • China (28%) and North America (26%) remain the main markets in volumes ahead of Europe (21%) and the rest of Asia (19%).
  • Thermoset resins are employed more often (61%) than thermoplastic resins (38%).
  • Glass fibers are by far the most employed reinforcements (88%) ahead of natural fibers (11%) and carbon fibers (1%).
  • The main industries that use composites are, in volumes, transportation (28%), followed by construction (20%), electronics and electrical (16%), and pipelines and tanks (15%).
  • The new automobile generation will be one of the leading growth factors in the composites market: 26% of cars will be autonomous by 2040; the number of hydrogen-powered vehicles should increase by 38% by 2030, while natural gas-powered vehicles should go up by 14% in the same period.

The JEC Observer presentation session will take place during JEC World 2020, the composites global trade show, at Paris Nord-Villepinte on March 3rd from 09:30 to 10:00 on the Agora stage (Hall 5).

The book « Overview of the global composites market, 2019-2024 » will be on sale at the publication store (Mezzanine, Hall 6) and online at

Overview of the global composites market, 2019-2024
396 € VAT incl.


  1. Overview of the global composites industry in 2019
  2. Market dynamics of composites industry :
    • Regions
    • Applications
  3. Key leaders of the composites industry
  4. 3 Focuses :
    • Perimeter and definitions
    • Composites adjacent markets
    • Additive manufacturing

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