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JEC Startup Booster giving entrepreneurs a leg up at JEC World

29 Jan 2020
JEC Startup Booster is the key worldwide competition for startups in the composites industry. Twenty startups will be coming from around the world to pitch their project to a panel of expert judges. JEC Startup Booster will take place during JEC World 2020, the international composites trade fair (March, 3 to 5, Paris Nord-Villepinte). JEC Startup Booster offers a unique opportunity for gems of entrepreneurs to network and raise their profile.

A leading competition in the composites industry

Since its launch in 2017, JEC Startup Booster has helped entrepreneurs from over 40 countries bring more than 500 innovative projects to life. Over the past three years, a total of 40 finalists have competed for 13 awards.

Though it is no mere contest, but above all a win-win opportunity for the entire composites value chain. Indeed, JEC Startup Booster is a booster for the participants' business. They will be put in touch with key decision-makers in the composites industry as wll as potential customers and partners. They can also enhance their visibility to professional visitors to JEC World.

For composites companies and manufacturers, it serves as a unique opportunity to find sources of future innovation and be inspired by the latest technology on the market. It will also allow all decision-makers in the composites sector to learn more about the newest generation of entrepreneurs. Finally, they will also be able to network with academics, R&T and R&D centres, clusters, associations, and specialist media outlets.

A strict selection process and a prestigious jury

JEC Startup Booster is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs with innovative projects and solid academic credentials. The selection process is divided into two categories: Process and Materials & Products.

The jury includes representatives from major manufacturers and investors:

  • Jelle BLOEMHOF, Head of Manufacturing Technologies of Composite, Airbus
  • Karl-Heinz FUELLER, Responsible for Material Innovations & BIW Concept Development, Daimler
  • Brian KRULL, Global Director of Innovation, Magna Exteriors
  • Alex OUIMET-STORRS, Managing Director – EMEA, Solvay Ventures
  • Markus SOLIBIEDA, Managing Director, BASF Venture Capital

Two pitch sessions of 10 presentations each will be held in the Agora stage (Hall 5), on Tuesday, March 3, from 11.35am to 1pm and from 3.05 to 4.30pm. Three winners will be chosen by the jury and one winner through an online voting process open to visitors to JEC World 2020. The awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, March 4, at 4.30pm.



Airbus Daimler Magna


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JEC World 2020 • Paris Nord Villepinte
3-5 march 2020

About JEC Group

JEC Group is the world’s leading company dedicated entirely to the development of information and business connections channels and platforms supporting the growth and promotion of the composite materials industry. Publisher of the JEC Composites Magazine - the industry’s reference magazine, JEC Group drives global innovation programs and organizes several events in the world, including JEC World (the foremost and world-leading international exhibition dedicated to composite materials and their applications), which takes place every March in Paris.


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9T Labs
9T Labs (Switzerland)
9T Labs aims at delivering industrial-grade continuous carbon fibre 3D-printed composites through the seamless combination of an automated software, 3D-printing and post-processing solution.
Airlite (UK)
Airlite is a revolutionary technology, 100% natural, that is applied like a normal paint on any kind of surface. Activated by light, it reduces air pollutants, unpleasant odors, prevents the growth of mould and bacteria and, if applied outdoors, by reflecting the warm component of sunlight, it keeps rooms cool helping to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
Amp.joining (Germany)
Amp.joining is a project group at Fraunhofer IWS which intends to provide tools for high-speed joining of composites to metals by means of HPCi®-Technology. Opposite to adhesive bonding or mechanical joining, additional materials like glue or rivets are unnecessary and the joints can be stressed right after joining.
Anisoprint (Russia)
Anisoprinting is the technology for design and production of optimal composite structures through the new way of continuous fiber 3D printing — Composite Fiber Co-extrusion. They have developed 3D printers, materials (carbon, basalt) and software for manufacturing anisoprinted composite parts: stronger, lighter and cheaper than metal or non-optimized composites.
BCircular (Spain)
BCIRCULAR produces advanced materials from all kinds of carbon fiber composites that have finished their useful life (aircraft, cars, wind blades, bicycles, etc.). Through the recycling technology developed by the company itself, BCIRCULAR offers a solution to the global problem arising from the management of composites.
B-Preg (Turkey)
B-PREG is a company focused on nature-based composite materials. They develop & manufacture lightweight, high-performance, low eco-impact composites from plant fibers against synthetic materials. Their aim is playing a vital role in the “go green transformation” of major industries (especially transportation) by offering best price/performance natural-fiber based composites for large-serial applications.
Carbon Axis
Carbon Axis (France)
Carbon Axis is specialized in automating composites processes. Their vision is to make composites manufacturing more affordable and more repeatable through automation. Their range of products, hardware and software, along with their consulting services enables them to provide tailored solutions to various industries.
CompPair (Switzerland)
CompPair Technologies Ltd. brings the first commercially available healable and sustainable composite material solutions, reducing repair time from hours to minutes and improving circularity. Damage healing is simply activated by moderate heat. They provide a range of unique prepregs compatible with existing production lines of structural composites.
Continuous Composite
Continuous Composites (USA)
Continuous Composites is a rapidly growing startup with a premier manufacturing technology, Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D®). Owning the earliest granted patents in the world on printing with continuous fibers, CF3D® combines the power of composite materials with rapid curing resins to create a moldless, out-of-autoclave manufacturing process using both structural and functional fibers. This revolutionary company is closely collaborating with industry leaders and end-users to develop software, hardware and material solutions specific to customer applications.
Endeavor Composites
Endeavor Composites (USA)
Endeavor Composites, Inc. unique patent allow the dispersion of Long fibers (>2.5 cm) leading to mats formation with no defects and high tare resistance. In addition, the system can disperse multiple fibers at high volume concentration in respect to the mixing tank, providing a unique system that generates commingled preforms with multiple functionality.
Green Axis
Green Axis (Nigeria)
Greenaxis uses a low-cost technology to convert agro fibre and plastic waste into biocomposite board while using an SMS based civil engagement rewards platform to encourage ecofriendly activities between people, local recyclers, and businesses in communities. At green axis we want to solve the plastic waste menace and agro waste burning we face in our community by creating a sustainable product called massaboard.
Hyconnect (Germany)
Hyconnect aims to make the construction of lightweight structures easier. By avoiding adhesive bonding, the FAUSST-Technology enables a standardised method to join metal and fibre-reinforced plastics, one of the major lightweight material groups. Their vision is to boost the use of lightweight materials in all transport modes, were today production and joining issues are obstructing their usage.
iCOMAT is a University of Bristol spin-off that has developed an automated tape laying machine with fibre steering capabilities, offering a step-change improvement in producing lightweight and cost-efficient composite structures. This, in turn, allows designers to optimise components and minimise material usage and can revolutionise the use of composites.
Molecular Plasma Group
Molecular Plasma Group (Luxembourg)
Molecular Plasma Group's unique technology combines the advantages of atmospheric plasma surface activation with the ability to graft specifically chosen functional groups to any surface in one single, solvent-free step. Typical applications are adhesion improvement on inert materials (MolecularGRIP™), silicone-free non-stick coatings (Leaf Technology™) and replacement of toxic primers. They offer customized application development, R&D equipment, pilot production and industrial systems.
RadiSurf (Denmark)
RadiSurf is a pioneer in the use and large-scale industrial implementation of solutions based on the highly versatile polymer brush technology. Nanometer-thin polymer brush coatings bring transformative solutions to major industrial challenges, including unprecedented possibilities for joining of challenging materials, such as plastics to metals, glass and carbon fiber.
SteelHead Composites
SteelHead Composites (USA)
Steelhead Composites enables the next generation of space travel and decarbonizing the earth with novel, lightweight, high-pressure composite pressure vessels for propulsion and hydrogen storage.
SurfEllent (USA)
SurfEllent develops advanced anti-icing coatings that prevent the buildup of ice on a variety of surfaces. Utilizing unique materials properties and proprietary technology, SurfEllent’s coatings provide dramatically reduced ice adhesion strength, outperforming other advanced coatings technologies while maintaining durability and chemical and UV stability. SurfEllent coatings are highly customizable and can function on a variety of surfaces, leading to applications in aerospace, automotive, trucking, power transmission and generation, and the consumer space – anywhere ice buildup is a significant issue.
Teratonics (France)
See Through the Matter...This is the solution proposed by Teratonics to the industry for the reduction of its non-quality costs. Teratonics markets an innovative non-destructive testing solution based on ultrafast terahertz pulses to perform dimensional control and defect detection during the cycle time.
Weav3D (USA)
WEAV3D's patent pending process produces next-generation composite lattice structures from fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes that offer a tunable balance of stiffness, strength, weight and cost. Their Rebar for Plastics™ approach is compatible with all high-volume plastic manufacturing methods. The resulting parts can cost up to 75% less than traditionally manufactured composites.
Yuyo (France)
Thanks to large format 3D printing and biocomposite materials, they have totally rethought the way surfboards are made to offer surfers a sustainable alternative to traditional boards, in line with their environmental convictions : local production, zero waste politic, recycled plastic, natural basalt fiber and plant based bioresin.


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