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Record numbers for the JEC Composites Show 2011

11 Apr 2011
COMPOSITES INCREASE THEIR PENETRATION ON HIGH-VOLUME MARKETS RESOUNDING SUCCESS OF THE SECTOR'S FAVOURITE TRADE FAIR (37% growth in six years)JEC Show Paris closed its doors on the evening of Thursday, March 31, on an exceptionally successful event.  The stands covered a record surface area of 48,500 m², representing a growth of 37% in six years.

Over the three days, JEC received 1,122 exhibiting companies and 29,867 visitors from around 100 countries (compared to 27,500 visitors in 2010).  70% of the visitors came from abroad.


Visitor growth per country  
Germany + 6,2% vs 2010
Austria + 37,6% vs 2010
China + 37,5% vs 2010
South Korea + 85% vs 2010
USA + 4,4% vs 2010
Italy + 7% vs 2010
India + 19,4% vs 2010
Japan + 11,6% vs 2010
Poland + 15% vs 2010
Russia + 26% vs 2010
Sweden + 31% vs 2010
Switzerland + 19,6% vs 2010
Turkey + 5,8% vs 2010


JEC 2011 was marked by a significant economic upturn for composites, with many product launches and contract deals announced during the show.
According to Frédérique Mutel, JEC President & CEO: "Based on the collected data, the cumulative returns from the tradeshow may be estimated at around €673 million, or US$950 million.  Around 65 useful contacts (i.e.: with follow-up orders) are acquired on average per exhibitor, with a declared payback period of 20 months."

Frédérique Mutel goes on to say: "With the degree of automation expanding rapidly in all countries, the composites market should experience an average global annual growth of 6%, thereby attaining levels of €90 billion and 10 million metric tons in 2015 (compared to, respectively, 68 billion and 8 million in 2011)".

The JEC Group, which brings together all of the sector’s stakeholders, is the only organisation to coordinate a network of 250,000 professionals, from universities, industry and research all around the world.


German: Rekord-besucherzahlen bei der JEC Composites Show 2011

French: Frequentation record pour le JEC Composites Show 2011

Spanish : ¡Asistencia record en la feria JEC Composites 2011

Italian: Record di visitatori per il JEC Composites Show 2011