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Success for JEC Korea 2020 Online: Three days of Composites talks, Networking, and Innovation

2 Dec 2020
Paris, December 03, 2020 – Leaders in the composites industry from Europe and the Asia Pacific region, producers and manufacturers alike have uncompromisingly analyzed the transformation of their industry during three days of JEC Korea Online – the first JEC event of this kind.

More than 4.200 senior delegates and decision-makers from 43 countries - mainly from South Korea, India, Germany, Japan and the UK tuned in for the 11 sessions of the three days of JEC Korea Online. This first 100% digital event, a real challenge in itself, proved to be a great success with three keynote sessions and three Technical Conferences. Moreover a serie of three Composites Exchanges, six startup pitches, and two innovation competitions highlighted the event.

The itinerary of 11 live sessions gave the floor to 30 speakers representing 500 minutes of viewing time on the conference side. These numbers demonstrate both the vitality of the sector in the region and this event's suitability for professionals' needs.

"All stakeholders agreed that the composites sector has proved to be very resilient during these challenging economic times and show the industry dynamism in the region and in particular in South Korea. In South Korea, we have found a full ecosystem for composite materials, supported by the government through its investment spending strategy, diversification, and a strong research and development program. So it was crucial to maintain collaboration to help the composites industry find new outlets to continue reinventing itself– that was the purpose of JEC Korea Online," said Christian Strassburger, APAC and Event director, “We would like to thank all our partners and sponsors for their engagement, in particular KCTECH, Jeonbuk region, Seoul Metropolitan, Kita and our local representative, Promosalons Korea, who made this event possible. Looking forward to welcoming you all in Seoul in November 2021”.



JEC Startup Booster is the leading startup competition in the world of Composites. It enables companies to find and assess innovations with a potential impact on their industry compared to the project they may are already involved in.

The winners of JEC Composites Startup Booster 2020 are:

  • LIGNUM (South Korea) wins the Jury vote
  • JUC SURF (Australia) wins the Public vote
    JUC Surf

The JEC Composites Innovation Awards is a long-established and worldwide program with three simple goals: identifying, promoting, and rewarding the most innovative composite solutions in the world. The JEC Composites Innovation Awards winners of JEC Korea Online 2020 are per category:



Hankuk Carbon Co., Ltd (Republic of Korea)

Hankuk Carbon

Glass composite material for EV battery case

Light-weight battery cases can be produced with this new fast curing galss epoxy prepreg flame retardant and ready for mass production.

Glass composite material for EV battery case



Institute of Polymer Technology (LKT) (Germany)

Institute of Polymer Technology

with its partners: Deutsches Luft- und Raumfahrtzentrum (DLR) (Germany), Gubesch Group(Germany), Christian Karl Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), SCHMIDT Gesellschaft für Werkzeug- und Formentechnik mbH (Germany)and Raschig GmbH (Germany).

Thermoset in-mold forming of a turbine strut

The innovation is the integrative production of a turbine strut based on a combination of prepreg compression molding and thermoset injection molding in one mold.

Institute of Polymer Technology

Institute of Polymer Technology

Institute of Polymer Technology



Ilsung Machinery (Republic of Korea)

Ilsung Machinery

with its partners: Dongsung Corporation (Republic of Korea), Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology (KCTECH) (Republic of Korea), Korea Textile Machinery Convergence Research Institute (KOTMI) (Republic of Korea) and LG Hausys (Republic of Korea).

High Performance Carbon Fiber SMC Machine

High performance carbon fiber SMC machine enabling higher mechanical properties, cost reduction, VOC-free SMC and ease of maintenance.

High Performance Carbon Fiber SMC Machine

High Performance Carbon Fiber SMC Machine

High Performance Carbon Fiber SMC Machine



Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd.

A Concept Car which is made up of 47% resin

This design concept can only be achieved by making the entire body out of resin. The CFRP suspension system works for repeated deformation by giving the properties both toughness and stiffness.


A Concept Car which is made up of 47% resin

A Concept Car which is made up of 47% resin

A Concept Car which is made up of 47% resin


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November 3 - 5, 2021

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