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Successful third edition of the Composites Event organized in Bangkok by TCA and JEC Group

22 Aug 2018
Successful third edition of the Composites Event organized in Bangkok by TCA and JEC Group - Composites Asia 2018 - Bangkok July 18-19, 2018

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JEC Group and the Thai Composites Association (TCA) are very satisfied with the outcomes from their third co-organized annual event. Indeed, the event focused on a growing market for the composites industry, Construction and Architecture and attracted a good number of architects and end-users. The event welcomed 181 delegates from 21 countries, 46% of them were OEMs and Composites End-users. They all gathered in Bangkok to attend a two-days conference followed by site visits and laboratory demonstrations.
The 19 speakers from 13 countries presented the trends, innovations and opportunities for composites materials in the Construction and Architecture industry. Among the very informative speeches, Duangrit Bunnag, Owner and Founder at Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited in Thailand, shared his view on “New Architectural Typology”.

“Considering the outcomes of this event, we at JEC Group, believe that composite materials have great opportunities in the Construction Industry. The feedbacks from the many attending architects and end-users are very positive and we will keep on developing this topic on our next events.” comments Christian Strassburger, JEC Group Events Director for Asia.

“We are delighted to hear such positive feedback from all participants. I would like to thank in particular all speakers who have done an excellent job. The continuity of the event into its 3rd year also leads local businesses to become more international and help brings the private, academic and governmental sector together. With roughly half of the participants coming from abroad, Composites Asia is becoming a great composites event for the whole South East Asia.” comments Danu Chotikapanich, TCA President.

Regarding the success of this third edition in a row , the Bangkok event turns out to be the annual unmissable event for Composites professionals in South East Asia.


About JEC Group:

JEC Group is a global information and connection company in the composite sector, with a network of 250,000 professionals. Using its
information services and its local and international networks, the Group represents, promotes and develops the markets for composite
materials. Under the effect of steady growth over the past twenty years, JEC Group has forged an international reputation, opening offices in North America and Asia. The company is wholly owned by the Center for Promotion of Composites, a non-profit organization. The Group’s policy is to systematically reinvest its profits into the creation of new services of benefit to the composite sector.

After winning over the composite industry, JEC Group would now like to extend its scope of action to new segments of the value chain, in particular manufacturers and end users. JEC Group’s experts bring specialized knowledge and an extensive network into play to propose a full range of products and services: JEC publications (strategic studies, technical works, and JEC Composites Magazine), the “World Market News” weekly international e-letter, and the French-language “JEC Info Composites” e-letter. JEC Group also organizes trade shows that include JEC World in Paris (the largest international trade show dedicated to composite materials – four times larger than any other similar specialized event), JEC Asia in South Korea, and The Future of Composites in Transportation in Chicago. Additional services include the website, the JEC Composites Conferences, Forums and Workshops organized in Europe, Asia and North America, and the JEC Innovation Awards program (Europe, Asia, North America, India and China).

The composite sector employs 550,000 professionals worldwide. In 2017, it generated 83 billion euros in sales.


About Thai Composites Association:

Founded in February 26, 1993 as a club of entrepreneurs in FRP, industry, under the facilitation and collaboration of Department of industrial Promotion and Division of Industrial Service. After a while, the club acquired more members until March 20, 1995 when the club proposed the letter to “Office of National Culture Commission” and registered as the Association under the name “Thai Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Industry Association, which later on changed to “Thai Composites Association” with the goal to develop and create competitive advantages of Thai composite industry in global arena. Thai Composites Association was established to be the center of companies, specialist and individuals who are interested in composites material. The core objective of TCA is to enhance competitiveness of Thai Composites Industry to response local demand and compete internationally. In order to achieve this, TCA has set key strategic issues are followings: To build, in collaboration with Nation Metal and Materials Technology Center (Mtec), a composites research network by bridging industry and academic institution.

Be the center of composites knowledge and building a link with other composites associations worldwide.
Provide training, seminar and disseminate knowledge to students, technicians, members and new entrepreneurs in order to be competitive both with internal and global market Center for publishing composites literature in Thai version.