A research project to develop a 30 kW multifunctional usable electric jet engine

Schübeler Composite started a project in cooperation with the Laboratory for Materials and Fixing Technology (LWF) at the University of Paderborn for developing a multifunctional usable electric jet engine.

Solvay launches Tegralite thermoplastic lightweighting solutions for aeronautics

Tegralite integrates a range of high performance polymer products from Solvay's Specialty Polymers and the complementary skills of its specialized partners, 3A Composites, Aonix and JSP, through a global network that is open for expansion.

Sinofiber T700 carbon fiber project started construction

Sinofiber Technology (Sinofiber) T700 carbon fiber thousand ton project formally started construction in Changzhou High Tech District.

Hebei established Sino-Japan composites provincial key industrial zone

In order to promote the landing of signed investment agreement with the Japanese composite material investors, Hebei province Hengshui city Jizhou has planned a land of about 2.5 million square meters within the provincial economic development zone for the Sino-Japan composite materials industry international park.

Silk reinforced with graphene or carbon nanotubes spun by spiders

Spiders sprayed with water containing carbon nanotubes and graphene flakes have produced the toughest fibers ever measured, say materials scientists.

GKN Aerospace's Mexicali composites facility gains Nadcap accreditation

The company's composites manufacturing facility in Mexicali, Mexico, has received Performance Review Institute (PRI) Nadcap accreditation for the composite fabrication activities at the site.

Hexion partners with North American Composites to distribute epoxy resins in the US

North American Composites (NAC), a wholly owned entity of IP Corporation, will represent Hexion and its extensive line of epoxy resins, curing agents and modifers, selling primarily into the composites market.

Airbus Group and Terma Group sign a memorandum of understanding

The companies agree to explore expanded areas of collaboration in commercial aerospace, building on their existing cooperation in the defence sector.

Polimotor 2: an all-plastic automotive engine

Solvay announces that it takes part in the development of the Polimotor 2 all-plastic automotive engine, to be tested in a race car next year, demonstrating its advanced specialty polymer technologies in light-weighting through metal replacement.

Affan's new head office is built in composite material with Diab core

The companies have been cooperating for several years, first creating a roof over the entrance to the Sidra Medical and Research Center and lately building a huge canopy roof that shelters the entrance of Abu Dhabi's shopping mall.