A hand-held measurement tool which reduces panel inspection time

According to Third Dimension, its GapGun measurement system reduces MRO inspection times for interior and exterior composite panels by almost 90 per cent.

A UV curable liner which speeds up pipe repair

Brandenburger liner manufacturing process becomes more competitive using Aliancys technical solution.

Magna opens exteriors facility in Mexico

The company announces the opening of Magna Exteriors Queretaro, a newly constructed facility in Queretaro, Mexico, for manufacturing automotive exterior products.

ASDEC wins £1.4 million R&D funding to optimise hybrid structures for the automotive sector

The University of Leicester’s ASDEC – The Advanced Structural Dynamics Evaluation Centre –  facility announces that it is part of a winning bid for £1.4million R&D funding from Innovate UK working in a team with other companies to optimise hybrid structures for the automotive sector.

A flame retardant epoxy prepreg certified to UL94 V0

The composite prepreg producer, GMS Composites, has developed a high performance flame retardant (FR) epoxy prepreg with increased toughness and shorter gel time, which passes the UL94 V0 flammability rating.

WINDFORM, the LS materials that make the difference

Sponsored news - From mind to reality: WINDFORM® materials top partners for high-tech performing sector and custom production

Lori Herren joins TeXtreme US sales team

Oxeon has recruited Lori Herren as Sales Manager for Aerospace in North America further strengthening its US sales team.

TenCate opens its European Centre of Excellence for thermoset composite materials

The global composite materials company, celebrate the inaugural opening of their extended facility at Langley Mill (Nottingham), United Kingdom, the European Centre of Excellence for thermoset prepreg systems.

Scott Bader expanding its GelTint volumetric gelcoat RAL colour tinting service for the European composites market

Scott Bader is expanding its new GelTint volumetric gelcoat RAL colour tinting service to the wider European composites market, having fully trialled and market tested the service with customers in the UK.

SolAero Technologies acquires Vanguard Space Technologies

SolAero Technologies Corp, a provider of satellite solar power and structural solutions, has acquired Vanguard Space Technologies, Inc., also a provider of aerospace structural products and assemblies.