Weiss Heat Technology develops a custom oven for Airbus A 350 XWB doors

Commissioned by Airbus Helicopters, Weiss engineers built an innovative special oven, which is used to construct the aircraft doors of the brand new wide-body aircraft A 350 XWB.

2050 Motors announces arrival of carbon fiber electric vehicle in USA

2050 Motors, Inc. announces the arrival of the first e-Go EV car and the Ibis electric luxury sedan will arrive soon afterward.

Solvay augmentera son capital dans le cadre de l'acquisition de Cytec

Les actionnaires de Solvay votent en faveur du projet d’augmentation de capital dans le cadre de l’acquisition de la société américaine Cytec à l’occasion d’une assemblée générale extraordinaire.

Création d'un Centre Technique Industriel de la plasturgie et des composites

La fédération de la plasturgie et des composites obtient un Centre Technique Industriel (CTI) qui devrait simplifier l'accès à l'innovation des indsutriels de ces secteurs.

Hartzell develops composite propellers for Beechcraft King Air fleets

Hartzell Propeller’s multi-year multi-million dollar development program for turbine propellers gives owners and operators of Beechcraft King Airs an opportunity to upgrade the performance of their workhorse aircraft.

Gurit expands its global balsa wood production capacity

The company announces that it will expand its balsa wood production capacity in the first quarter of 2016.

Airbus Helicopters accelerates industrialisation in the UK

Airbus Helicopters has received funding from the Department for Business Innovations and Skills (BIS) for two separate projects:

PCM Innovation continues its expansion in Mexico

PCM Innovation annonces the the next step of its international expansion with the startup of a business unit in Mexico.

Hexion announces waterborne epoxy coatings capacity expansion in China

The project, which will take advantage of modern technologies including a new reactor, will allow Hexion to meet increasing demand for its waterborne epoxy products used to formulate waterborne coatings, polymer flooring, and sizing for glass or carbon fibers used in wind energy, automotive and aerospace applications.

Plastic Omnium inaugure un centre de développement à Tokyo

Ce centre, qui regroupe 80 personnes, est destiné à soutenir la croissance de Plastic Omnium auprès des constructeurs japonais.