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JEC Composites Magazine Chinese Issue

With a market volume of 3.1 MT, China accounts for nearly 30% of the world market, which stands at 11.4 MT at the beginning of 2019. In terms of value, the Chinese market amounts to $20.75 billion, or 25% of a world market of $83 billion.

The technical content of JEC Composites China, initially extracted from JEC Composites Magazine, is intended in the medium term to feed on the huge Chinese market. This market is huge in volume and value, but also increasingly in innovation. Indeed, every sector is actively represented, such as aeronautics, automotive, transport, marine, medical, electronics, wind energy, defense, construction, etc. China is currently the country with the highest number of patents in the composites sector.

That was enough for JEC Group and JEC Composites Magazine to show a greater interest in it by launching JEC Composites China. This new magazine, in Chinese, will have a circulation of 15,000 copies, 4 times a year in year 1, to reach a targeted professional audience. We are confident that we will significantly expand its audience in the coming years.

This interest in China, however, is not unprecedented. JEC Group has been collaborating with CCE for more than 15 years through the CCE/JEC innovation Awards program: an initiative dedicated to promoting innovation in the composite materials sector.

With JEC Composites China and the Innovations Awards, JEC Group pursues its actions to promote the use of composite materials and share knowledge as closely as possible with stakeholders.




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