Discover all the startups that participated as finalists in Startup Booster, among the 300+ applications received since the first edition in 2017


Startup Booster Winner


3DFortify (USA)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

3DFortify is an advanced manufacturing startup that aims to disrupt additive manufacturing, ushering in a new generation of custom, high performance products. 3DFortify has developed a patented process that combines 3D printing and magnetics to create carbon fiber composites with magnetically aligned reinforcement. Their flexible platform technology can be applied to custom medical devices, aerospace, defense, and other related verticals.



Adesso Materials (China)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

Solves recycling and reuse requirements of carbon fibers in the automotive sectors. This solution reduces the cost of raw materials by more than 30% and the manufacturing cost by more than 50%.



AEON-T (Spain)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

AEON-T is spinoff of TU Madrid and supported by the Business Incubation Programm of the European Space Agency. The company has developed, together with leading research institutions in Madrid, an innovative preforming technology that allows to drape both dry and prepreg fibers into complex shapes with quasi-isotropic layup configuration in less than a minute. The technology, with more than 5 years of development, implies a breakthrough towards mass production of composite 3D parts.



Airbond (USA)
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

AIRBOND aims to manufacture customizable through-thickness permeable prepreg. Our patent pending innovation will make it easier, faster, and less expensive to produce high-quality composite structures. Our team of experts will work directly with customers to develop tailored prepreg materials.



Startup Booster Winner

AirGo Design

AirGo Design (Singapore)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

Founded in Singapore in 2013, AirGo Design is Asia’s first developer of aircraft seats for economy class. Our flagship product defines a new standard in economy class seating. It introduces state-of-the-art composite materials technology to the industry and combines it with an award-winning design which has been praised as the "Future of Airline Seating" by the likes of ABC News, USA Today, Reuters, The Economist, NBC News and Daily Telegraph in over 200 news articles and more than 15 languages.



Startup Booster Winner


Arevo (USA)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

AREVO is delivering the future of composite manufacturing today through breakthrough advancements in software, materials, and robotics. Through enabling the 3D printing of large, mass-produced parts and structures, AREVO is revolutionizing mainstream manufacturing and the global supply chain.



Biprocel (Spain)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

At Biprocel, we aim to change the way we build our future. That’s why we’ve created a new generation of reclaimed, high-end & plant-based material with a fully circular processing model. We harvest cellulose waste from paper mill industry and process it locally to transform this compound into a fiberboard product. How do we do it? Our innovative process is inspired by nature, using enzymes to bond the cellulose fibers. The result is a robust product with the highest possible negative carbon footprint.


Carbon Waters

Carbon Waters (France)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

Designs and produces carbon-based nanomaterials (graphene and carbon nanotubes). Thanks to its innovative water-based solution process, the company brings a new, safer and stable paradigm to nanocomposites and coatings.



CarbonTT (Germany)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

Our focus is on the development and economical serial production of load-bearing components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for light commercial vehicles. With the aim of increasing profitability while at the same time conserving resources. Our focus is on our customers' demands. We design intelligent solutions - quickly, practically and economically. We develop, manufacture and validate high-strength light-weight components, as well as their respective manufacturing and joining processes.



cellEQ (Germany)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

CellEQ develops and produces equipment for material analyses and quality control of multi-component thermosets. Focusing on dilatometry, the main activities include the design and manufacture of innovative devices and sequences. With those the same realistic conditions are achieved in the laboratory analyses as the materials experience in industrial processing. This includes high-pressure mixing and dosing combined with a high degree of automation. This even enables the analysis of ultra-fast curing resin systems. The generated data is directly usable for efficiency increases in production environments and simulations.


Continuous Composites

Continuous Composites (USA)Startup Booster Winner
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

Continuous Composites is a rapidly growing tech startup in the heart of Northern Idaho, developing their patented Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D™) technology. CF3D™ offers a paradigm shift in composites manufacturing and brings high-performance materials to the 3D printing industry by combining high-strength, low-weight composite materials with a 3D printing process using industrial robotics.


Composite Research

Composite Research (Italy)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

Contributes an innovative technological solution, called MadFlex, for the creation of an ultra-light composite material panel with unique mechanical features, which makes it flexible on one face and crushproof on the other.



COPRO Technology (Germany)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

COPRO Technology GmbH specialises in roll forming technology for composite preforms. From concepts to series production machines - developed to your specifications.

Our processes based on the patented COPRO®-Technology are highly innovative and efficient. We develop customized solutions for the production of composite profiles for you, supporting you in reducing your production times and costs. COPRO Technology GmbH is your partner for:

  • Design of customized solutions and applications
  • Prototypes and ready-to-use production units
  • Pilot and small batch series of composite profiles
  • Pre- and after-sales services


Cortex Composites

Cortex Composites (USA)
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

Cortex GCCM represents a new category of construction material--Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs)--which is a cost-competitive and less resource-intensive alternative to traditional ready-mixed concrete and shotcrete.



Coyotex (Germany)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

Reduces spending for multiaxial carbon fiber reinforcement by 20-40%, thanks to its brand-new industrial 4.0 production process. The company produces bespoke near-net-shape carbon fiber stacks.


Free From Fibers

Free Form Fibers (USA)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

Free Form Fibers’ (FFF) technology will likely influence our lives in ways we can only imagine. Not since the introduction of carbon fiber has an idea come along that will disrupt so many large markets, from jet engines and gas turbines, to composite airframes, nuclear energy, and beyond. Revolutionary fibers can now be laser-printed. This is a sweeping change in fiber production technology. It enables high-performance materials that have typically been out of reach and fiber functionalities that are unheard of. For example, high-purity Silicon Carbide, Boron Carbide, and Tungsten Carbide fibers have been laser-printed for application in energy-efficient ceramic matrix composites. So have Boron fibers with 2-3 times the specific strength of carbon fibers for super lightweight composites airframes and space structures. New capabilities never before available are emerging: Fiber-embedded micro-sensors and actuators for smart composites and health monitoring.



Fiberneering (Netherlands)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

We are a producer of 3D printed fibre reinforced composite parts, passionate about materials and new technologies. We help our customers create beautiful, strong and lightweight products in almost any shape.


Gas Composites

GAS Composites (Brazil)
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

GAS Composites is a startup headquartered in Taquara, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. GAS Composites contributes to the improvement of people's lives and also diffuses composite materials for thousands of people by offering products made of composite materials and distributed through the shared economy. This way, every day thousands of people will have access to carbon fiber, aramid and glass composites, through an integrated system with potential to disrupt the urban personal transport market.



Startup Booster Winner


H-PreC (France)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

H-PreC designs and manufactures thermosetting composite parts with its exclusive patented fabrication processes.



Imagine Intelligent Materials (Australia)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

We use graphene to create smart materials. These materials sense and report real-time changes in stress, temperature and moisture. Our functionalized graphene transforms ordinary materials into electrically conductive, “intelligent” materials. Graphene is a complicated material to use. We develop “drop-in” solutions for large-scale manufacturing processes. Our graphene composites and coatings create high value-added products for high-volume manufacturing. Imagine X3, our first product, coats textiles and fibers to make them sensors and can be applied to synthetics, natural fibers, glass fiber and carbon fiber.



Startup Booster Winner


Inca-Fiber (Germany)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

Has a new electroplating procedure to metallize carbon fibers in a single step using environment-friendly electrolytes to enhance the properties of carbon fibers. These fibers can be used to create functional CFRP as well as new fiber-reinforced metals.



Startup Booster Winner


Lavoisier Composites (France)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

LAVOISIER COMPOSITES is a French start-up specialized in the development and manufacture of composite materials and parts with low environmental impact. Its first innovation CARBONIUM®, is a new generation of material entirely sourced from carbon composites of the aerospace transformation sector. Implemented following a process that has been the subject of 3 patents, CARBONIUM® brings its structural properties and a totally unique aesthetic to the parts obtained.



Lingrove (USA)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

Lingrove makes wood without trees. We develop materials with plant fibers to meet the diminishing supply of high-quality wood. Our signature material, Ekoa® natural composites, is lighter than carbon, stiffer than fiberglass and features a beautiful natural grain finish evoking qualities of the best timber. Ekoa® is not wood — it’s better.



Linudans (Norway)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

Linudans has developed environmentally responsive and economically efficient high voltage tower structures for 21st century energy infrastructure. The work is based on modern composite engineering methodologies with hybrid fiber reinforced composite materials and resin transfer molding (RTM). According to business plan, we´ll design and produce heavy load-bearing profiles which enable us to create any shape of a very durable lightweight load-bearing structure, in almost any color. Our innovation is reflected by engineering design of profiles, their adhesive joints and our „Green Energy Infrastructure“ concept, which is unique. Our innovation brings huge environmental, economical and technical advantages to a discipline that has suffered from stagnation for too long and is begging for changes.



Mallinda (USA)
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

Mallinda is developing composite materials to enable high volume production of composite parts. Mallinda makes thermoset prepreg laminates that are pre-cured and indefinitely shelf stable under ambient conditions. The company’s prepreg laminates can be compression molded into a final part in a minute or less. In addition, Mallinda’s technology enables circular recycling back to monomer for the recovery and reuse of resin and fully-intact reinforcing fibers.


Mantis Composites

Mantis Composites (USA)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

Mantis Composites has developed true carbon fiber 3D printing to deliver incredibly light, flight-capable components for parts that are traditionally machined out of metals due to geometric complexity and system integration. 5-axis mobility, full strength fiber, and intricate nozzle manoeuvrability, is combined with design software and extensive in-situ process monitoring and control to deliver a new generation of aerospace parts for far lighter aviation and space systems.



Multimechanics (USA)
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

MultiMechanics helps companies accelerate innovation and the product development lifecycle by virtually predicting failure at an unprecedented level of speed and accuracy. Our multiscale simulation software allows engineers to zoom into their material microstructure, giving them insight into how, when, and why their material may fail.



Startup Booster Winner


N12 Technologies (USA)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

Introduces vertically aligned carbon nanotubes at inter laminar interfaces to allow tougher, lighter, and more durable composite structures.



NanoArchitech (USA)
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

NanoArchitech,Inc is a Silicon Valley nanocomposite company with a global agenda to provide resilient and sustainable building materials and systems globally. The company evolved from the research and development of a top scientific consultant in response to the crisis of 9-11 at the request of the US Federal Emergency Management to advance construction integrity.



Startup Booster Winner


Pond (Ireland)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

Pond produces biobased resins with a biosourced content of at least 90 % and always full degradability in nature. For our patent pending resins, pond was November 2015 via LAUNCH pointed out to be among the 10 most promising sustainable material innovators worldwide by NASA, US Department of State and Nike. We offer a portfolio of resins applicable with most composite processing techniques with both short and long fibrous reinforcements: VaRTM, RTM, injection moulding, extrusion, airlaid and compression moulding. The resins offer excellent adhesion through covalent bonding to both natural and conventional fibers. The biobased resins are a direct substitution for conventional petroleum based resin due to their processability with known techniques, good mechanical properties and competitive pricing. Thereby, the resins provide the technological leap to produce fully green and sustainable composites and make composites a key component in a sustainable material future. Further, the resins have a positive impact on human health as they are free of harmful substances as bisphenols, epoxy, styrene and isocyanate.



Startup Booster Winner

Sound Bounce

Sound Bounce (Ireland)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

Has developed a novel patented material which provides over 100 times better noise attenuation in a smaller package compared to conventional materials. This solution could greatly facilitate the adoption of composites in many sectors.



Synthesites (Belgium)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

Has developed a unique technology for estimating in real-time and during production the on-going viscosity and cure properties of the composite product. This technology enables the real-time tracking of the manufacturing process, saving time and energy, and ensuring product traceability and online process optimization.



TIKAT (Italy)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

With its In-K strain system offers a new approach to structural health monitoring. This stand-alone solution is standard and low cost, and it measures strain, temperature, tilt and seismic activity for infrastructures with no wiring.


UBQ Materials

UBQ Materials (Israel)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

UBQTM Materials are bio-based composite thermoplastic materials that can replace existing raw materials in hundreds of applications. Produced through the proprietary conversion of municipal solid waste, UBQTM Materials can substitute oil or plant based polymers, wood or minerals. When replacing conventional polymers, UBQTM materials reduce 15 times their weight in CO2 equivalent emissions. UBQTM material is the most climate positive thermoplastic material on the planet. Even when used in low concentrations, finished parts can be climate positive.


Urban Canopee

Urban Canopee (France)
JEC World Startup Booster 2017

Urban Canopee offers innovative solutions to fight against the effects of climate change by deploying plant canopies over the city in order to: combat heat islands by deploying oasis of freshness, restore urban biodiversity, give many ecosystem services, fight against air pollution, improve the quality of life for citizens.

Urban Canopee allows the city’s actors to plant the urban landscape of tomorrow for: allowing our cities to become resilient to climate change, achieving good certification ratios for buildings (HQE, BREEAM, LEED), eco-districts and cities (LEED for Cities certifications), respecting the “green” regulations that are developing all over the world, creating green value by adding aesthetics to the building and modernity in the city, making it possible to obtain aesthetic shaded areas, with a very low footprint, making urban green planning flexible.



Vartega (USA)Startup Booster Winner
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

Vartega is a recycler of advanced materials – specifically strong and lightweight carbon fiber. We are cultivating a sustainable future through the development of enabling technologies designed to preserve resources and achieve systematic sustainability. Our modular patent-pending carbon fiber recycling process scales like software to rapidly address a gap in the composites supply chain.



Visolis Biotechnology (USA)Startup Booster Winner
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

Visolis aims to displace petrochemicals with carbon negative materials by combining the best features of synthetic biology with chemical catalysis. Our platform molecules are produced from a variety of biomass feedstocks and create drop in replacements in industries like industrial solvents, resins, and plastics.



Weav3D (USA)
JEC Forum Chicago Startup Booster 2019

WEAV3D Inc. has developed a patent-pending, high-volume, continuous composite forming process that forms woven composite lattices from unidirectional, fiber-reinforced tapes. These thermoplastic lattice materials act as “Rebar for Plastics” when integrated into injection molded parts, dramatically increasing the stiffness, strength, and toughness.



Startup Booster Winner


Woodoo (France)
JEC World Startup Booster 2019

Founded late 2016, Woodoo has won more than 30 innovation awards internationally. Woodoo offers advanced bio-based materials for the automotive and transportation sectors and generated significant early traction from major manufacturers and OEMS. Woodoo transforms wood at the molecular scale and manufactures novel light-weight wood materials which are translucent, waterproof, fire-resistant and touch-sensitive for pioneering HMI and interior applications.


Yoneshima Felt

Yoneshima Felt (Japan)
JEC World Startup Booster 2018

Proposes ultra-thin sandwich structures for smartphone micro-speaker diaphragms. The company has developed high-precision ultrathin slicing of foam and a highly productive manufacturing system.