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AFC-stab is specialized in the manufacture of wooden tools for the manufacture of technical parts made of composite materials.
Our innovation: a wood species modified by a molecular transformation, a process which provides unique properties for forming tools. The Stab™ innovation reduces costs and completion dates of moulds. This technology also allows to adapt and repair moulds (which is not always possible on other technologies, or at significant costs).


Our other activities:
CNC machining of soft materials and composites (wood and derivatives such as the Stab™ range, aluminium, composites, honeycomb, plastics, foam ...);
Technical surface coatings resistant to 210°C;
Manufacture of composite parts such as caul plates (for moulds) and non-flying parts.

Parc d'Activites du Pont Beranger
44680 Saint Hilaire de Chaleons
Phone number: 
+33 (0)2 28 25 09 27
+33 (0)2 51 70 86 54