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Arkema offers a comprehensive composite line to help create lighter materials.

The company launched the first range of liquid thermoplastic resins under the brand Elium, which is transformed using the same processes as composite thermosets. The company is also developing a polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) called Kepstan to replace metal in extreme conditions (offshore, aviation), the Rilsan range, a high-performance powdered or granulated polyamide that is 100% bio-sourced and makes thermoset composites resistant to abrasion and shock at very high or low temperatures.

Additives like Nanostrength, Orgasol polyamides and Luperox organic peroxides significantly improve the natural resistance properties of composites.

Lastly, AEC Polymers, an Arkema subsidiary specialized in structural glues and adhesives, markets BlackManba waterproof sealant adhesives and SAF structural adhesives – imperative bonding agents for complex composite assemblies.

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Raw Material Producer
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