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Ascent Aerospace is a supplier of composite layup molds and waterjet cutting machines. Ascent has long term, strategic alliances with several aerospace OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers.

The Ascent Tooling Group comprises Coast Composites, Odyssey Industries and Global Tooling Systems. Together, these businesses have one of the largest aerospace tooling capacities in industry. They design and manufacture layup tools used to produce high performance composite aerospace parts and structures. Molds and bond tools may be manufactured of composite (BMI, epoxy, graphite, others) or metal (Invar-36 alloy, others).

End-use applications: 
Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Raw Materials and Intermediates
Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Composite Part Manufacturing
Producer of Testing equipment
Producer of Consumables used with Manufacturing Equipment
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1395 S Lyon
Santa Ana, CA 92705
United States
Phone number: 
+1 949 455 0665