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BigHead fasteners were invented in 1966 to solve a fastening problem that most traditional fasteners could not; How to achieve a strong and efficient fastening in a composite material. BigHead came up with a unique design and the first ever bonding fastener: a flat perforated head which locks the product securely into position and spreads the load, is welded to a wide choice of studs, nuts, collars, pins and other fixings to offer versatility. Over 40 years the bigHead design has helped 1000’s of customers and has come to hold a unique position in the fastener industry.

400 standard bigHeads are available at short notice and BigHeads is happy to make specific product to customer applications.

Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Raw Materials and Intermediates
Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Composite Part Manufacturing
Producer of Testing equipment
Producer of Consumables used with Manufacturing Equipment
Unit 1, Black Moor Business Park
Verwood, Dorset
BH31 6BB
United Kingdom
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+44(0) 1202 574 601
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