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United Kingdom
+44(0)1933 354500
Meter Mix Systems Ltd, a UK based manufacturing company, are industry leaders in the design & manufacture of precision metering, mixing & dispensing equipment to process both pourable ...
AbacaComposite MouldsGlycolsAramidOther Thermoplastic ResinPolyurethaneOvens dedicated to carbon fiber productionOther Thermosetting ResinMicrobeads and macrobeadsMaleic AcidOther Textile ProductWaterjet CuttingSpread Coating MachinesECR-glassBio-based Thermoplastic Resins (PLA, PHA, PCL, PHB, PBAT, PBS, PTT...)Calcium carbonateMaterial DatabasePlateSandwich PanelsAdditives, ModifiersPolishing Pastes and Polishing ProductsAntifloating agentOther EquipmentThermoplastic semi productsVacuum units and equipmentTwo Components Adhesive Spreading MachineOther additiveCMC - CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITEWindersRayon-basedSisal / agaveOther fillerFiber Production and TreatmentStyreneOther Machines Dedicated to Fiber Production and TreatmentVocational Training / Teaching / AcademicPolymerisation inhibitorenInitiators2,5D - 3D - 5D FabricSolvent Recovery EquipmentsHoneycomb - Aluminium or Nomex ExcludedOther SoftwareBambooRobots & AutomationDirect Moulding MachineSoftwaresMilled FibrePreformUD - UnidirectionnelPET - Polyethylene TerephthalateCorrosion resistant additiveInsertsThermosetting semi productsNano-reinforcementsPES - Polyether SulfoneThermosetting ResinsTechnical CenterCNCRamieOther Thermoplastic Semi-ProductsHeat stabilizerPC - PolycarbonateFoaming agentModelling & SimulationAluminium HoneycombLaser CuttingOther FiberPSU - PolysulfonePA - PolyamideCarbonTooling PastesMachines, Materials and Tools for ImpregnationPOM - polyoxymethyleneTextile Manufacturing MachinesPEI - PolyetherimineSizing agentsGMT - Glass Mat ThermoplasticFastenersNettleOvenPlasticizerNatural fibreMulti-physicsLaser ProjectionPublic AdministrationInjection MachineMould Maintenance and Cleaning EquipmentAntioxydantE-glassCoir / coconutOther sizing & fiber treatmentPE - PolyethyleneLaboratory Machines and EquipmentMicaDiamond ToolSMC - Sheet Moulding CompoundPitch-basedMachines Dedicated to a ProcessNDT - Non Destructive Testing - no USThermoplastic ResinsVacuum PumpsLong Fibre PelletCommingled Glass and Thermoplastic Filaments FabricRaw MaterialsMethyl MethacrylateScissors & Cutter BladesPolyimideMeta-aramidFillersNanocompositesFilament Winding MachineAcceleratorDust ExtractorsHempRovingMould release agentsComposite repair facilityMechanical CuttingGlassNCF - Non Crimp Fabric & MultiaxialPolyesterShort Fibre PelletNomex HoneycombGelcoatTapeNatural fiber treatmentOther Natural FibreMethacrylateSafety EquipmentHigh Strength PolyethylenePP - PolypropyleneOverlay matEnvironmentCatalystYarnSpraying MachineResearch & DevelopmentSolvantWPC - Wood fiber Plastic CompositeVinyl TolueneIsophtalic AcidFabricPBT - Polybutylene TerephthalateS-glassDimensional ControlKenafPrepregUnions, Trade OrganizationJuteLubricantsHardenersCentrifugal Casting MachineCIC - Continuous Impregnated CompoundPEEK - PolyetheretherketoneTalcFoamMachines and Devices for Temperature ManagementWetting agentsAncillary Equipment for Composite MouldingClean Room EquipmentsEpoxydeBasaltViscosity controlVarnishFibresSurfactantsSmall Tools (Rolls, Brushesナ)BalsaOther positioning systemsEstimatingPrototypingWoodCeramicsPultrusion MachinePress - Magazines - WebOther Nano-ReinforcementCertifications, TestingChamber of Commerce, EmbassyUV - stabilizerQuartzEquipment, Tools & Ancillary ProductsColloquium, Trade fair organizersFiber Placement MachinePara-aramidConsultants / ExpertsSizing & fiber treatmentImpregnation linesDyestuff and pigmentIndustrial designOther Core MaterialAluminasCorkKapokNon WovensCNT - Carbon NanotubesVeil, Mat or UnwovenOrganic peroxydesOther AdhesiveServicesPaint and Varnishe SprayingPhthalic AnhydridePVC - Polyvinyl ChlorideBisphenolDicyclopentadieneChlorendic AcidMetal MouldsOrthophthalic AcidChopped StrandExtrusion MachineMachine and Tools for Contact MouldingTRE PlateVinylesterGelcoats & CoatingsTetrabromophthalic AcidMMC - METAL MATRIX COMPOSITEBindersCore MaterialsGeotextilBMC - Bulk Moulding CompoundChemicalsOther chemicalAntistaticFlaxAutoclavesTextile & TowsCoating FinishOther thermosetting semi-productsThermoplastic TapesPUR TP - Thermoplastic PolyurethaneMethacrylic AcidRapid Prototyping MachineCutting & Trimming & millingPositionning systemsOther carbon FiberBoron free E-glassAcrylic AcidEngineeringPPS - Polyphenylene SulphideAcrylicMouldsSealers & CoatingsGlues, Putties, AdhesivesRelease agent (in situ)PAN-based large tow / industrialLow Shrink / Low profileBubble and anti-foam breaking agentTextile cuttingPhenolicPAN-based high modulusRivetsBraidPaintAncillary ProductsFumaric AcidRTM MachineQuality controlDesignMixersIntermediate ProductsPPO - Poly Phenylene OxideCottonResin HandlingJoining systemPreforming MachineSilicon and Rubber ProductsD-glassHybrid structuresOther ActivityUltrasonic Testing - USOther glass fibreFire retardantClaysBio-based Thermosetting ResinCuraua / Pineapple TreeRecyclingOvens dedicated to glass fiber productionPAN-based high strengthPaperDispensing systemsPressesSilica


United Arab Emirates
KHComposite is a high-end industrial markets which provide the technology, experience and the composing art together for presenting production in composite Parts and Testing Equipment According ...


+389 48 400 100
Mikrosam owns and guarantees the richest composite equipment portfolio on the market, integrating double carriage (wet and dry) filament winding, high-v
AbacaAcceleratorAcrylicAcrylic AcidAdditives, ModifiersAntioxydantAntistaticAramidBambooBasaltBio-based Thermoplastic Resins (PLA, PHA, PCL, PHB, PBAT, PBS, PTT...)Bio-based Thermosetting ResinBisphenolBoron free E-glassBubble and anti-foam breaking agentCarbonCatalystCertifications, TestingChemicalsChlorendic AcidCIC - Continuous Impregnated CompoundCNCCoir / coconutCommingled Glass and Thermoplastic Filaments FabricConsultants / ExpertsCorrosion resistant additiveCottonCuraua / Pineapple TreeD-glassDesignDicyclopentadieneDirect Moulding MachineDispensing systemsDyestuff and pigmentE-glassECR-glassEngineeringEpoxydeEstimatingFabricFiber Placement MachineFiber Production and TreatmentFibresFilament Winding MachineFire retardantFlaxFoaming agentFumaric AcidGlassGlycolsGMT - Glass Mat ThermoplasticHardenersHeat stabilizerHempHigh Strength PolyethyleneHybrid structuresIndustrial designInitiatorsIsophtalic AcidJuteKapokKenafLaboratory Machines and EquipmentLaser CuttingLaser ProjectionLow Shrink / Low profileMachines and Devices for Temperature ManagementMachines Dedicated to a ProcessMachines, Materials and Tools for ImpregnationMaleic AcidMaterial DatabaseMeta-aramidMethacrylic AcidMethyl MethacrylateMixersModelling & SimulationMulti-physicsNanocompositesNatural fibreNettleOrganic peroxydesOrthophthalic AcidOther additiveOther carbon FiberOther chemicalOther glass fibreOther Machines Dedicated to Fiber Production and TreatmentOther Natural FibreOther positioning systemsOther SoftwareOther Thermoplastic ResinOther Thermoplastic Semi-ProductsOther Thermosetting ResinOther thermosetting semi-productsOvenOvens dedicated to carbon fiber productionOvens dedicated to glass fiber productionPA - PolyamidePAN-based high modulusPAN-based high strengthPAN-based large tow / industrialPaperPara-aramidPBT - Polybutylene TerephthalatePC - PolycarbonatePE - PolyethylenePEEK - PolyetheretherketonePEI - PolyetheriminePES - Polyether SulfonePET - Polyethylene TerephthalatePhenolicPhthalic AnhydridePitch-basedPlasticizerPolyesterPolyimidePolymerisation inhibitorenPolyurethanePOM - polyoxymethylenePositionning systemsPP - PolypropylenePPO - Poly Phenylene OxidePPS - Polyphenylene SulphidePrepregPrototypingPSU - PolysulfonePUR TP - Thermoplastic PolyurethanePVC - Polyvinyl ChlorideQuality controlQuartzRamieRayon-basedRelease agent (in situ)Research & DevelopmentResin HandlingRobots & AutomationRovingS-glassServicesSilicon and Rubber ProductsSisal / agaveSoftwaresSolvantStyreneSurfactantsTapeTechnical CenterTetrabromophthalic AcidThermoplastic semi productsThermoplastic TapesThermosetting semi productsUD - UnidirectionnelUV - stabilizerVacuum PumpsVacuum units and equipmentVinyl TolueneVinylesterViscosity controlWindersWood


Bad Soden
49 6196 93490-30
Neilsoft is a specialist engineering services & solutions company servicing clients across a range of engineering segments helping improve their engineering efficiency, support their global ...


+4487 07 60 64 69
Jetcam develops and distributes CAM and nesting software for the composite and sheet metal industries.


Paris 13eme Arrondissement
+33 (0)1 46 46 38 00
Autodesk is a 3D design software.


United Kingdom
+4412 75 46 44 43
Imetrum was founded in 2003 as a spinout from the University of Bristol.


United States
+178 19 07 98 00
Specialized Engineering Software is a business segment within Siemens PLM Software and is a leading global provider of specialized engineering software and services that create rich product ...


+352 261766
e-Xstream engineering is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on state-of the-art multi-scale modeling of complex multi-phase composites materials and structures (PMC, RMC, ...