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Dou yee enterprises provides CNT-infused semi-finished materials for a wide spectrum of industrial applications, from heating, emi shielding and electrical conductive purposes.


United States
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Eeonyx Corporation develops customized, electrically conductive fabrics for advanced composites. EeonTex(TM) fabrics are currently used, or under evaluation, in applications such as:
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A European distribution network of raw materials dedicated to composites materials end-users.


United States
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P.A.T. Products, Inc. is a value added, stocking distributor of specialty chemical and plastic raw materials. Since 1974, their focus has been to provide value and service to their customers.


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Since 2007, Polydeck aims to provide an alternative to natural timber with quality wood composites which are environmentally friendly, safe, aesthetically pleasing and durable.
AcceleratorAcrylicAluminasAluminium HoneycombAncillary Equipment for Composite MouldingAntistaticBalsaBindersBisphenolBMC - Bulk Moulding CompoundCalcium carbonateChopped StrandCIC - Continuous Impregnated CompoundCNCComposite MouldsCorkCorrosion resistant additiveDiamond ToolDispensing systemsE-glassECR-glassEpoxydeExtrusion MachineFabricFastenersFoamFoaming agentGelcoatGlycolsHardenersHoneycomb - Aluminium or Nomex ExcludedImpregnation linesInjection MachineInsertsLaboratory Machines and EquipmentMachines and Devices for Temperature ManagementMachines, Materials and Tools for ImpregnationMechanical CuttingMetal MouldsMethacrylateMethyl MethacrylateMicaMilled FibreMixersMould Maintenance and Cleaning EquipmentMould release agentsNanocompositesNDT - Non Destructive Testing - no USNomex HoneycombNon WovensOther AdhesiveOther chemicalOther Core MaterialOther Nano-ReinforcementOther thermosetting semi-productsOvenPaintPaint and Varnishe SprayingPaperPC - PolycarbonatePE - PolyethylenePhthalic AnhydridePlasticizerPolishing Pastes and Polishing ProductsPolyesterPolyurethanePP - PolypropylenePrepregPrototypingPultrusion MachinePVC - Polyvinyl ChlorideRelease agent (in situ)RovingRTM MachineS-glassSealers & CoatingsSilicaSilicon and Rubber ProductsSMC - Sheet Moulding CompoundSolvent Recovery EquipmentsSpraying MachineSpread Coating MachinesStyreneTooling PastesTwo Components Adhesive Spreading MachineUD - UnidirectionnelVacuum PumpsVeil, Mat or UnwovenVinylesterViscosity controlYarn


Leading consulting group, specialising power electronis, advance composites material and energy efficiency.
2,5D - 3D - 5D FabricAbacaAcceleratorAcrylicAcrylic AcidAdditives, ModifiersAluminasAluminium HoneycombAncillary Equipment for Composite MouldingAntifloating agentAntioxydantAntistaticAramidBalsaBambooBasaltBindersBio-based Thermoplastic Resins (PLA, PHA, PCL, PHB, PBAT, PBS, PTT...)Bio-based Thermosetting ResinBisphenolBMC - Bulk Moulding CompoundBoron free E-glassBraidBubble and anti-foam breaking agentCalcium carbonateCarbonCatalystCentrifugal Casting MachineCeramicsCertifications, TestingChamber of Commerce, EmbassyChemicalsChlorendic AcidChopped StrandCIC - Continuous Impregnated CompoundClaysClean Room EquipmentsCMC - CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITECNCCNT - Carbon NanotubesCoating FinishCoir / coconutColloquium, Trade fair organizersCommingled Glass and Thermoplastic Filaments FabricComposite MouldsComposite repair facilityConsultants / ExpertsCorkCorrosion resistant additiveCottonCuraua / Pineapple TreeCutting & Trimming & millingD-glassDesignDiamond ToolDicyclopentadieneDimensional ControlDirect Moulding MachineDispensing systemsDust ExtractorsDyestuff and pigmentE-glassECR-glassEngineeringEnvironmentEpoxydeEquipment, Tools & Ancillary ProductsEstimatingExtrusion MachineFabricFastenersFiber Placement MachineFiber Production and TreatmentFibresFilament Winding MachineFillersFire retardantFlaxFoamFoaming agentFumaric AcidGelcoatGeotextilGlassGlues, Putties, AdhesivesGlycolsGMT - Glass Mat ThermoplasticHardenersHeat stabilizerHempHigh Strength PolyethyleneHoneycomb - Aluminium or Nomex ExcludedHybrid structuresImpregnation linesIndustrial designInitiatorsInjection MachineInsertsIntermediate ProductsIsophtalic AcidJoining systemJuteKapokKenafLaboratory Machines and EquipmentLaser CuttingLaser ProjectionLong Fibre PelletLow Shrink / Low profileLubricantsMachine and Tools for Contact MouldingMachines and Devices for Temperature ManagementMachines Dedicated to a ProcessMachines, Materials and Tools for ImpregnationMaleic AcidMaterial DatabaseMechanical CuttingMeta-aramidMetal MouldsMethacrylateMethacrylic AcidMethyl MethacrylateMicaMicrobeads and macrobeadsMilled FibreMixersMMC - METAL MATRIX COMPOSITEModelling & SimulationMould Maintenance and Cleaning EquipmentMould release agentsMulti-physicsNano-reinforcementsNanocompositesNatural fiber treatmentNatural fibreNCF - Non Crimp Fabric & MultiaxialNDT - Non Destructive Testing - no USNettleNomex HoneycombNon WovensOrganic peroxydesOrthophthalic AcidOther ActivityOther additiveOther AdhesiveOther carbon FiberOther chemicalOther Core MaterialOther fillerOther glass fibreOther Machines Dedicated to Fiber Production and TreatmentOther Nano-ReinforcementOther Natural FibreOther positioning systemsOther sizing & fiber treatmentOther SoftwareOther Textile ProductOther Thermoplastic ResinOther Thermoplastic Semi-ProductsOther Thermosetting ResinOther thermosetting semi-productsOvenOvens dedicated to carbon fiber productionOvens dedicated to glass fiber productionOverlay matPA - PolyamidePaintPaint and Varnishe SprayingPAN-based high modulusPAN-based high strengthPAN-based large tow / industrialPaperPara-aramidPBT - Polybutylene TerephthalatePC - PolycarbonatePE - PolyethylenePEEK - PolyetheretherketonePEI - PolyetheriminePES - Polyether SulfonePET - Polyethylene TerephthalatePhenolicPhthalic AnhydridePitch-basedPlasticizerPlatePolishing Pastes and Polishing ProductsPolyesterPolyimidePolymerisation inhibitorenPolyurethanePOM - polyoxymethylenePositionning systemsPP - PolypropylenePPO - Poly Phenylene OxidePPS - Polyphenylene SulphidePreformPreforming MachinePrepregPress - Magazines - WebPrototypingPSU - PolysulfonePublic AdministrationPultrusion MachinePUR TP - Thermoplastic PolyurethanePVC - Polyvinyl ChlorideQuality controlQuartzRamieRapid Prototyping MachineRaw MaterialsRayon-basedRecyclingRelease agent (in situ)Research & DevelopmentResin HandlingRivetsRobots & AutomationRovingRTM MachineS-glassSafety EquipmentScissors & Cutter BladesSealers & CoatingsServicesShort Fibre PelletSilicaSilicon and Rubber ProductsSisal / agaveSizing & fiber treatmentSizing agentsSmall Tools (Rolls, Brushesナ)SMC - Sheet Moulding CompoundSoftwaresSolvantSolvent Recovery EquipmentsSpraying MachineSpread Coating MachinesStyreneSurfactantsTalcTapeTechnical CenterTetrabromophthalic AcidTextile cuttingTextile Manufacturing MachinesThermoplastic semi productsThermoplastic TapesThermosetting semi productsTooling PastesTRE PlateTwo Components Adhesive Spreading MachineUD - UnidirectionnelUltrasonic Testing - USUnions, Trade OrganizationUV - stabilizerVacuum PumpsVacuum units and equipmentVarnishVeil, Mat or UnwovenVinyl TolueneVinylesterViscosity controlVocational Training / Teaching / AcademicWaterjet CuttingWetting agentsWindersWoodWPC - Wood fiber Plastic CompositeYarn


+39 (0)961903818
Maucotools SRL is the manufacturer of C40 Dual System Portable line boring machines, innovative because of the new Dual System patented process.
AbacaGlycolsAramidOther Thermoplastic ResinPolyurethaneOther Thermosetting ResinMicrobeads and macrobeadsMaleic AcidOther Textile ProductECR-glassBio-based Thermoplastic Resins (PLA, PHA, PCL, PHB, PBAT, PBS, PTT...)Calcium carbonatePlateSandwich PanelsAdditives, ModifiersAntifloating agentOther EquipmentThermoplastic semi productsOther additiveCMC - CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITERayon-basedSisal / agaveOther fillerStyrenePolymerisation inhibitorenInitiators2,5D - 3D - 5D FabricHoneycomb - Aluminium or Nomex ExcludedBambooMilled FibrePreformUD - UnidirectionnelPET - Polyethylene TerephthalateCorrosion resistant additiveThermosetting semi productsNano-reinforcementsPES - Polyether SulfoneThermosetting ResinsRamieOther Thermoplastic Semi-ProductsHeat stabilizerPC - PolycarbonateFoaming agentAluminium HoneycombOther FiberPSU - PolysulfonePA - PolyamideCarbonMachines, Materials and Tools for ImpregnationPOM - polyoxymethylenePEI - PolyetherimineSizing agentsGMT - Glass Mat ThermoplasticNettlePlasticizerNatural fibreAntioxydantE-glassCoir / coconutOther sizing & fiber treatmentPE - PolyethyleneMicaSMC - Sheet Moulding CompoundPitch-basedThermoplastic ResinsLong Fibre PelletCommingled Glass and Thermoplastic Filaments FabricRaw MaterialsMethyl MethacrylatePolyimideMeta-aramidFillersNanocompositesAcceleratorHempRovingMechanical CuttingGlassNCF - Non Crimp Fabric & MultiaxialPolyesterShort Fibre PelletNomex HoneycombGelcoatTapeNatural fiber treatmentOther Natural FibreMethacrylateHigh Strength PolyethylenePP - PolypropyleneOverlay matCatalystYarnSolvantWPC - Wood fiber Plastic CompositeVinyl TolueneIsophtalic AcidFabricPBT - Polybutylene TerephthalateS-glassKenafPrepregJuteLubricantsHardenersCIC - Continuous Impregnated CompoundPEEK - PolyetheretherketoneTalcFoamWetting agentsEpoxydeBasaltViscosity controlVarnishFibresSurfactantsBalsaWoodCeramicsOther Nano-ReinforcementUV - stabilizerQuartzPara-aramidSizing & fiber treatmentDyestuff and pigmentOther Core MaterialAluminasCorkKapokNon WovensCNT - Carbon NanotubesVeil, Mat or UnwovenOrganic peroxydesOther AdhesivePhthalic AnhydridePVC - Polyvinyl ChlorideBisphenolDicyclopentadieneChlorendic AcidOrthophthalic AcidChopped StrandTRE PlateVinylesterGelcoats & CoatingsTetrabromophthalic AcidMMC - METAL MATRIX COMPOSITEBindersCore MaterialsGeotextilBMC - Bulk Moulding CompoundChemicalsOther chemicalAntistaticFlaxTextile & TowsOther thermosetting semi-productsThermoplastic TapesPUR TP - Thermoplastic PolyurethaneMethacrylic AcidOther carbon FiberBoron free E-glassAcrylic AcidPPS - Polyphenylene SulphideAcrylicGlues, Putties, AdhesivesRelease agent (in situ)PAN-based large tow / industrialLow Shrink / Low profileBubble and anti-foam breaking agentPhenolicPAN-based high modulusBraidPaintFumaric AcidIntermediate ProductsPPO - Poly Phenylene OxideCottonD-glassHybrid structuresOther glass fibreFire retardantClaysBio-based Thermosetting ResinCuraua / Pineapple TreePAN-based high strengthPaperSilica
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