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Canoe is the Technological Centre for Advanced Materials and Composites in the Aquitaine Region.
Canoe is a scale-up facility pooling platform focused on the development of innovative organic nanostructured composite and coating technologies.
Equipement available :
- Kneader and twin screw compounding lines for the development of highly filled compounds (from 300g/h to 25kg/h).
- Manufacturing of filled composites: thermoplastic prepreg, fibre production (spinning lines by extrusion, solvent spinning lines), thin films by ultrasonic spray
- Composites technologies for large structures: structural infusion, RTM, large industrial oven (240°C - 32m3)
- Non Destructive Tests (NDT) and characterization.
Canoe promotes technology transfer and the development of industry supply chains (from raw material to finished product) integrating as a priority local SMEs in the field of transport and renewable energy.

16 avenue Pey Berland
33600 Pessac