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CBS stakes a lot on the quality and compliance of his products. Over the years they have obtained variothem certifications, finally EN 9100 in early 2011.
During the production process, they adhere to all the standards required by law and by their clients, as is amply illustrated by their complete product traceability. With their 6 autoclave and their 1,000 sqm clean room, they can produce parts up to 6 meters.
In aerospace they mainly produce:
• solid laminates
• structural parts
• sub assemblies
• seats
• structural sandwich panels in advanced composites (autoclave), structural adhesion and priming of constructed parts
In automotive, they produce cosmetic and structural parts like: interiors and dashboards, bodywork, chassis, construction of unique vehicles and/or prototypes, construction of optional parts for mass-produced vehicles, racing parts
Other: structural laminates and sandwich panels, sailing boats components

Main Activity: 
Composite Parts Producers
Via V. Veneto, 77
20020 Bienate di Magnago MI
Phone number: 
+3903 31 88 34 12
+3903 31 88 04 63