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Located in Lacq, in one of the largest chemical centres in France, Chemstart’up is a start-up facility for emerging fine chemicals and new materials companies that need a specific and safe environment. By offering them low-cost modules perfectly adapted to their needs and a service package including, in particular, access to analytical equipment, treatment of biodegradable liquid waste and chemical products storage, our aim is to support these societies right through to the industrial stage of their project.
The companies benefit from the renowned scientific environment of one of the main research centres of the ARKEMA and TOTAL groups and of the University of Pau. In a dynamic area, where the quality of life is universally appreciated, the local authorities, the Total group, the State and Europe have pooled their resources to support Chemstart’up. So, every project will be eligible to the aids and subsidies available in this area.

End-use applications: 
Service Providers - Composite Industry & General
Batiment Chemstart'Up
64170 Lacq
Phone number: 
+33 (0)5 59 05 30 50
+33 (0)5 59 71 53 79