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Coast Composites has 30 years of experience supplying tooling systems to aerospace and defense customers. The company specializes in layup and cure tools for composite aircraft.

As aircraft evolve, Coast’s capabilities, designs, and processes have advanced to meet new challenges. The company’s modular tool building system was developed to accommodate the ever-increasing size of composite aerospace parts. Invar tooling is fabricated and shipped in segments small enough to transport on conventional roads and then permanently assembled at the customer’s site using the company’s patented laser welding technology. Coast Composites built one of the largest Invar wing skin layup tools produced for modern commercial aircraft programs.

Since 2010, Coast Composites has manufacturing aerospace composite layup molds, trim and drill fixtures, and custom caul sheets. The company’s AS9100C-certified facility includes a dedicated 12,000ft2 (1,100m2) clean room, a 13’ x 50’ (4m x 15m) autoclave, on-site cold storage, CNC ply cutting, laser projection, and robust capacity planning and program management practices. Coast Composite’s certified layup personnel have experience in a wide range of composite materials and processes.

In 2015, Coast Composites launched a small tool focused factory. The cell is a dedicated value stream that utilizes the single-piece flow concept, allowing a smaller tool to be built quickly and efficiently. Engineering, project management and design resources are shared, while an experienced team of dedicated fabricators, machinists, and toolmakers staff the small tool focused factory.

End-use applications: 
Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Raw Materials and Intermediates
Producer of Manufacturing Equipment related to Composite Part Manufacturing
Producer of Testing equipment
Producer of Consumables used with Manufacturing Equipment
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