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The objective of the +Composites project is to encourage technology transfer from "technological excellence centres" to companies, especially SMBs in North West Europe. To achieve the project’s objectives, 4 main axis of transnational cooperation have been defined :

  • Business Intelligence Unit
  • Education
  • Awareness and transfer of technology
  • Business relations.

It relies on the technological centres of excellence and on the dynamics that they have created in their area of expertise, whilst providing a favourable climate to generate the necessary synergies, which will allow to reach a dynamic exchange system. The objective of this project is to encourage technology transfer from these networks to SMBs in North West Europe. "Technological excellence centres" are public or private laboratories, research centres from universities or engineering schools, secondary schools, competitiveness clusters, which all specialize in the field of composites materials.

Service Providers - Composite Industry & General
CRP Henri Tudor
L-1855 Luxembourg
Phone number: 
+352 42 59 91 - 1
+352 42 59 91 – 777